Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Blogging has Ruined my Social Life

So, first off, I love blogging. LOVE IT. Can't wait to move and be in my own place and blog as much as I flippin' want. BUT, I noticed the other day that there is a drawback to blogging.

And that drawback is this:

Because I blog about pretty much whatever I want to (I do edit a little...sometimes...I think) and people get it and laugh at it or whatever, sometimes I talk like that in REAL life and I've noticed thats just not socially acceptable. You know, to just say whatever you're thinking outloud right at that moment, people don't always like it. And the other problem is, because I have bloggy friends on here that really get my sense of humor, I forget that not everyone else does! So I'll say something I think is totally hysterical and people look at me, like WHA???

Oh well, its the price I pay. (I like you guys better anyway...) :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Men Are Dumb

So I was thinking the other day in the shower (its where I do all my best thinking--no, seriously) how unfair the difference between men and women are. As a teenager, and really now too lets be honest, I was a total romantic. I would daydream about the boy I had a crush on all the time, I would spend tons of time imagining what it would be like when we got married or picture him thinking about me just as much as I was thinking about him...sickening I know. Now, the sad realization hits me:

Men don't think about us, nearly as much as we think about them.

Those jerks.

And I don't mean that they don't think about us at all, because they do, they think about what we're going to make them for dinner, or about what we asked them to do that day, you know, stupid kind of stuff.

They don't sit around on their breaks at work thinking how soft our skin is, or how pretty the gold specks in our eyes are, or how they would just die if they couldn't be with us...sigh

And that is why I love Twilight, because Edward is a girl and says all the right things a girl wants to hear. I need a little more girl in my husband and a little less sports addict. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay, okay okayokokokokay OKAY, I am FINALLY getting around to blogging! Its been forever, have you all forgotten about me? I wouldn't blame you, I've been a horrible blog friend as of late. :(

Its hard to blog now, besides the fact that I'm using an incredibly ridiculously slow computer that freezes up all the time, and that things are different and crazy, I also have my mother in law here ALL THE TIME. So I feel like I'm being watched! Or I just feel stupid being on the computer, its dumb and weird and well, thats just how I feel. Also, its hard to blog because by the time I get done catching up reading all your blogs, I've been on the computer for an hour and am freaking exhausted. Stop doing that! Sheesh.

So anyway, I guess I should let you all know how things are going...right? Do you want to know? I'm feeling very insecure about this! Things are not really at all how I expected them to be, not that thats bad (its HORRIBLE! j/k!), its just different and I'm trying to adjust. But the friends and family and old friends thing just isn't the way I had pictured it. So I feel a little lonely, and a little bit of a pity party for my myself since everyone gets to go on with their lives while I've put mine through total upheaval. Poo.

Enough of all that, whats been going on...well, my husband got a seasonal job, at See's Candies no less, it will be a magical Christmas filled with yummy sweets...And he took his first test with the Army Guard, he did great and got a high enough score to do what he wants with them (which is military intelligence). He takes his language test on Monday and we're really hoping and praying he does REALLY good on that one, its important. He'll probably swear in on Monday or Tuesday and then we can FINALLY find out when he'll leave for basic training.

I mostly just fantasize. Yes, I can admit that I have a fantasizing problem--it's really not that big of a deal guys! Mostly I fantasize about apartments or houses, basically moving out of my in-laws (I don't want to sound like its horrible here, I just want to live in my own place yo). So I frequent a lot of realty websites, just fantasizing when/if we can ever own our own house...hmmmmm...

Okay you're losing me, I better get going before I slip back into fantasy land! Miss you guys, I'll try and be better--promise!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and let you guys know we didn't crash and die, we didn't get lost and drive 1000 miles in the wrong direction, we didn't lose all our boxes in transit--we made it! We're up here in Washington and trying to settle in, I gotta be honest its a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I don't want to get into that right now, just hoping things will get easier soon!

Did you have an awesome Halloween? Our's was a little crazy (obviously), but I think the kids had a good time and of course they made out with a ton of candy, that I've already eaten the best of. No pictures though, I didn't have my camera out. And I didn't dress up. What a bummer of a Halloween.

p.s. I miss Chick-Fil-A.