Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And They Have Swan Lake

I've been wearing my hair up in buns a lot lately. Its easy, its fast, its somewhat...you know...sort of cute. And then I started thinking about all the things in fashion that point(e) to ballet. (Did you get that whole "pointe" thing. Did you?!?! I'm so clever.)

So first up:

The Bun 
(and if you're really trendy you call it a "top knot"...oooh fancy)

Then there's the:

Ballet Wrap
via H&M

You also have:

The Ballet Flat

And the:

I mean really people, what about these??

The Tutu

And who can forget?!

I mean, there's even this, if you're brave enough:

And all this to sum up:

Ballerina's are freaking cool.


  1. I'll take of one each please...that wrap around sweater is so PRETTY!

  2. Those were cool pic's. I have always been fascinated with ballerina's too. In fact, on my pinterest board I have a bunch of different pictures of ballerina stuff.
    I was NEVER even close to one. I am about as clumsy as they get. But I can wear ballerina "flats" since high heels are lethal for me.
    SO NICE TO SEE A POST from you sweety

  3. I miss you. And you're totally right.

  4. I double dog dare you to wear it all at once and post a pic!

  5. Ballerinas ARE freaking cool! I wish I was one (with out all the hard work and smoking and not eating donuts or Dr pepper.)

    I don't have enough volume in my hair to wear a top knot. And I'm too post-pregnancy lumpy to wear a wrap sweater thing or a leotard. But I can do ballet flats and that swan hat any day.

    Good post!


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