Monday, December 21, 2009


Wow wow wowwow WOW. I'm a little bit on a high right now! Like serious euphoria, where my head feels all light and my eyes won't quite focus, I think my body doesn't know how to handle this much excitement--its been too long!

So we just found out we've been approved to move into a townhome! I hate to jump the gun and somehow it doesn't work out and you'll find out lately that I've killed myself, but they're drawing up the lease right now and hopefully we'll get moved in the next day or two.


I am so gosh darn happy right now I think I just may pass out.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sorry and a Christmas Letter

Wow guys, I just noticed I lost a follower! Terrible thing to do at Christmas, where's your sense of giving?! Whatever.

So I've been a terrible blogger/reader/commenter AGAIN, and I have to apologize AGAIN because my life is just seriously in upheaval. Its a little bit rough, if I do admit. But I miss you guys and I think of blog posts all the time and then forget them. (I haven't been sleeping well, and I'm pregnant, my mind is mush.) So I'm going to add the Christmas letter I sent out for you all to read, yes it has my kids' and my husband's names and probably more info. than I should share but I'm going to do it! And just so you know, Queen inspired me to write my letter this year because I wasn't going to do it until I read her post about Christmas letters. :)

Christmas Letter 2009

Its that time of the year again, which means I need to write a Christmas letter. Now over the years I’ve written many a Christmas letter (and by many, I mean approximately seven), some were just fine, some not so good (like the one I did as a poem, except it didn’t rhyme so good-like), and my personal favorite was last year’s “scriptural” letter; but this year I’m going in a different direction. I read the other day that people don’t like Christmas letter’s, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t so I read on, and the reason was because they felt like it wasn’t “real”, that people built up their lives into sounding much better than they actually were! “Well”, I thought, “I don’t make things up, I just look at the positive…right?” So in an effort to ‘keep it real’ I’m going to be completely honest in this letter. I’ve really held back in years’ past, just so you know.

Starting with David…well lets see…we found out recently that Dave’s a genius (although colorblind) and got excepted into a highly acclaimed school (I’m not telling you which but it might rhyme with Hamford…). We are a little disappointed its not a better school, to be honest. And since he’s so smart, he’ll graduate in only five months! He’ll be going the end of January and coming home the end of June of next year. Hopefully he’ll come home even more toned than he already is (seems impossible really now that I say it), and full of persistence, dedication and army green clothes.

Then there’s Bethany, she finished up kindergarten and started 1st grade, kind of the way things go, unless you’re a genius of course. She also learned how to ride a bike without training wheels this past summer and can do flips off the roof and other phenomenal tricks you couldn’t possibly imagine. She loves to make art masterpieces and is really starting to read some big books, I caught her with the encyclopedia the other day almost finished.

Madelyn just recently turned four and is as girly as can be, she loves dresses and dolls and princess stuff and algebra and designing clothes. She’s still a tiny little thing, weighing only a few pounds more than her brother and wearing clothes almost two years smaller than her age, but we like her that way. Fun size.

Samuel is one and a half right now, he’ll turn two in May (I had to put May because last Christmas letter I said he was born in June! Woopsy!), he’s doing all the normal things 18 month olds’ do. Like reciting the Declaration of Independence and building toy trucks to play with, oh how he loves his trucks! We love all his funny mannerisms and the way he shrugs his shoulders when you ask him a question!

Last but never least, is me! I started out the year as Young Women’s president still, and went on many, many exciting trips without my family of course; to exotic places like Yuba and Heber and such. By the end of the summer we all took a trip up to Washington for Dave’s sister’s wedding and decided we liked it so much we’d move there! So we did that in October (moved to Washington that is), but not before finding out “SURPRISE!” we were expecting our fourth baby (yes, on accident. That’s what the ‘surprise!’ means. You know you were all wondering.). This baby flips and kicks like a champ, I’m positive it will be an athletic prodigy.

So in a nutshell, that’s us and that was our last year! I hope you found it very refreshing and not at all “braggy” or “unrealistic”! And if you read between the lines very carefully, you’ll see what our year was actually like!

Now for the most truthful part of the whole letter: I’ve been feeling very “Cindy Lou Who” lately, as in “Where Are You Christmas?” and all that. I think this time of year its too easy to lose sight of whats really important, and why we actually are celebrating. Is it really about the presents and the decorations and the food and good smells? While I love those things and look forward to them all year, I would trade it all to make Christ the center of Christmas. I hope I can remember Him as we go about this busy time, take a minute and make some changes. Atleast that’s what I’m trying to do, and that’s the honest to goodness truth!
Have a VERY merry Christmas,
Love, The Lassens
David, Melinda, Bethany, Maddie, Sam & “Surprise”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I like Camping, but really this is Just Silly

I'm a pretty normal girl. Well, in the sense of shopping. I really like shopping. And I really like finding a good deal. Normally, when I go shopping I can find TONS of things I would love to have and wish I could buy. Thats normally. But things are not normal because my body is not normal. Its bulbous, and round and lopsided. I hate it. Don't get me wrong, I think pregnant bodies are adorable and lovely and super cute.

Just not mine.

Nothing looks right, nothing feels right, everythings uncomfortable and tent-like. Poo. I went shopping yesterday and came home tired, out of breath and super frustrated. Do you guys like maternity clothes? I don't. I think they're expensive and unflattering and ugly. I hate the shirts with the ties in the back, its like a sure fire way of saying "hi, I'm fat." And the pants, good ned, the pants. Do they think our butt ends halfway up our back? And do they think my thighs are two times fatter than my butt? And you'd think there'd be some better way to make them, since you have to constantly hike them up, over and over and over. Bah.

I know I'm whining.

I'm just not a sweatpants and t-shirt kind of gal. It depresses me to look frumpy and not put together and I've got enough bringing me down right now. So what do you guys do when you're pregnant? Do you just deal with it until you can wear regular clothes again, or do you know a secret to dressing for pregnancy? This is my fourth time around, you'd think I'd know by now but no. HELP ME! Pretty please? *batting eyelashes*

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Guys Are Cool

So I probably shouldn't tell you guys this because it will just solidify how absolutely narcissistic I am, but thats not the point I'm trying to make...last night I couldn't sleep and I was bored and so I started reading all your blogs (sorry if I didn't comment, I was reading from my phone, no commenting from there. poo.), when I finished reading your posts, I started reading some of my old posts. And then read some more of my posts, and some more and an hour later I was finally tired. The things is, yes I enjoyed what I wrote and thought some of it was funny and entertaining and sometimes not, but the reason I kept reading was because of all your comments. You guys kill me, you are so funny! Plus, I really miss my friends like crazy and I've been feeling super lonely, so it was like having a conversation with my friends, and I really needed that!

So thank you guys, for being awesome, being supportive, being funny and just what I need! You rock!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Why Blogging has Ruined my Social Life

So, first off, I love blogging. LOVE IT. Can't wait to move and be in my own place and blog as much as I flippin' want. BUT, I noticed the other day that there is a drawback to blogging.

And that drawback is this:

Because I blog about pretty much whatever I want to (I do edit a little...sometimes...I think) and people get it and laugh at it or whatever, sometimes I talk like that in REAL life and I've noticed thats just not socially acceptable. You know, to just say whatever you're thinking outloud right at that moment, people don't always like it. And the other problem is, because I have bloggy friends on here that really get my sense of humor, I forget that not everyone else does! So I'll say something I think is totally hysterical and people look at me, like WHA???

Oh well, its the price I pay. (I like you guys better anyway...) :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Men Are Dumb

So I was thinking the other day in the shower (its where I do all my best thinking--no, seriously) how unfair the difference between men and women are. As a teenager, and really now too lets be honest, I was a total romantic. I would daydream about the boy I had a crush on all the time, I would spend tons of time imagining what it would be like when we got married or picture him thinking about me just as much as I was thinking about him...sickening I know. Now, the sad realization hits me:

Men don't think about us, nearly as much as we think about them.

Those jerks.

And I don't mean that they don't think about us at all, because they do, they think about what we're going to make them for dinner, or about what we asked them to do that day, you know, stupid kind of stuff.

They don't sit around on their breaks at work thinking how soft our skin is, or how pretty the gold specks in our eyes are, or how they would just die if they couldn't be with us...sigh

And that is why I love Twilight, because Edward is a girl and says all the right things a girl wants to hear. I need a little more girl in my husband and a little less sports addict. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay, okay okayokokokokay OKAY, I am FINALLY getting around to blogging! Its been forever, have you all forgotten about me? I wouldn't blame you, I've been a horrible blog friend as of late. :(

Its hard to blog now, besides the fact that I'm using an incredibly ridiculously slow computer that freezes up all the time, and that things are different and crazy, I also have my mother in law here ALL THE TIME. So I feel like I'm being watched! Or I just feel stupid being on the computer, its dumb and weird and well, thats just how I feel. Also, its hard to blog because by the time I get done catching up reading all your blogs, I've been on the computer for an hour and am freaking exhausted. Stop doing that! Sheesh.

So anyway, I guess I should let you all know how things are going...right? Do you want to know? I'm feeling very insecure about this! Things are not really at all how I expected them to be, not that thats bad (its HORRIBLE! j/k!), its just different and I'm trying to adjust. But the friends and family and old friends thing just isn't the way I had pictured it. So I feel a little lonely, and a little bit of a pity party for my myself since everyone gets to go on with their lives while I've put mine through total upheaval. Poo.

Enough of all that, whats been going on...well, my husband got a seasonal job, at See's Candies no less, it will be a magical Christmas filled with yummy sweets...And he took his first test with the Army Guard, he did great and got a high enough score to do what he wants with them (which is military intelligence). He takes his language test on Monday and we're really hoping and praying he does REALLY good on that one, its important. He'll probably swear in on Monday or Tuesday and then we can FINALLY find out when he'll leave for basic training.

I mostly just fantasize. Yes, I can admit that I have a fantasizing problem--it's really not that big of a deal guys! Mostly I fantasize about apartments or houses, basically moving out of my in-laws (I don't want to sound like its horrible here, I just want to live in my own place yo). So I frequent a lot of realty websites, just fantasizing when/if we can ever own our own house...hmmmmm...

Okay you're losing me, I better get going before I slip back into fantasy land! Miss you guys, I'll try and be better--promise!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and let you guys know we didn't crash and die, we didn't get lost and drive 1000 miles in the wrong direction, we didn't lose all our boxes in transit--we made it! We're up here in Washington and trying to settle in, I gotta be honest its a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I don't want to get into that right now, just hoping things will get easier soon!

Did you have an awesome Halloween? Our's was a little crazy (obviously), but I think the kids had a good time and of course they made out with a ton of candy, that I've already eaten the best of. No pictures though, I didn't have my camera out. And I didn't dress up. What a bummer of a Halloween.

p.s. I miss Chick-Fil-A.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Its Friday guys. FRIDAY. That means I have until Tuesday to get everything I need done before my mother-in-law gets here. Oh Lordy, help me! I think I just may be able to get it decent before that time, but man in the mean time I'm freaking out! Besides the fact that I need more boxes. If you see a lady rummaging around behind the gas station, its just me looking for boxes. Its okay.

I finally got up the nerve to ask for help though, you know to someone besides my husband who doesn't really help anyway. I don't know why its so hard, but I just feel so weak to have to ask someone to help me. Stupid I know, but thats how I feel. So my kids are going to play at a friends for a little bit while I pack up my kitchen. I'm just hoping the little break away from each other will be good for us. Because at this point everyone in my house hates each other. My kids are bored, there's nothing to do, mom's busy packing, so they get into trouble and are naughty. Lots of yelling going on here. Its fantastic.

I signed up to bring chili to our ward cook-off thing next tuesday. Why did I do that? All my cooking stuff will be packed away by then, I'll be leaving a day or so after that, why do I feel the need to over-extend myself? Its so stupid.

Okay, I'm done talking. Great on you for reading all this, since I know its super up-beat and happy. Can you tell I've hit my limit? I'm tired and I'm sick and I'm overwhelmed and I HATE PACKING. Okay, gotta get back to work, enough whining.

p.s. Do you guys watch America's Next Top Model? Because I am LOVING this season with the "petite" girls (i.e. SHORT). I totally missed my chance, I'll never be a top model now! waaah! Anyway, ANTM and Bejeweled Blitz are my only escape from reality. Bless them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Deep Thoughts...

So sorry I haven't been around, I feel like I'm running around with my head chopped off, but things are starting to come together. Doesn't moving suck?! I really hope the next time we move someone else will do all the work. Here's hoping.

So even though I really shouldn't be wasting time, I did wanted to blog for a minute about friends and how that all works when you're moving. This was just something I noticed the last week or so, you let me know if this has been your experience too. So I think there are two kinds of friends when you're moving away, the friend that takes every chance they can to spend time with you before you have to go and the friend that totally drops you because you're gonna be gone soon anyway. Its interesting, and I totally understand both sides of it. The friend that just lets go as soon as they know you're leaving, I think, does it out of a sort of self-protection. It hurts to have the friend leave so instead of spending time together thinking about how much you're going to miss them, you just separate yourself from them so its easier. Do you think thats right? Or are they just not a real friend and don't really care you're leaving?

Its been really funny for me to see though, its probably easier for me because I get to go back home where I have plenty of family and friends I look forward to seeing; so it doesn't hurt that much. But still some people surprise me with their reaction. You know whats sad though? Really thinking about it, I would probably be more of a "separator" friend. Good thing to think about.

So what do you think? What kind of friend would you be, and have you had this experience?

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Didn't Lie, I Just Didn't Tell

So, just thought I'd let you know, I totally AM pregnant. I love that all you have to say is you don't feel good and everyone jumps right on the pregnant boat. Atleast this time you were right! Whoopy! (See how I put a positive twist on that so you wouldn't feel mad or like I'd mislead you? Tricky I know.)

Also, I'm moving. It is official and happening and I thought I'd let you know I'm moving in two weeks. So if I'm not on here very much, its because I'm packing. Or I'm supposed to be packing, but I'm in bed hiding under the covers because its just too overwhelming. Help me.

When I had my garage sale, I had two weeks to do that and basically wasted the entire time doing nothing. I'm REALLY hoping that doesn't happen this time. If it does, I'm totally screwed because my in-laws are coming down to help us drive up, and I'll look like a total loser. Atleast I have the pregnancy excuse. Phew.

Wish me luck okay? See ya soon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dang You Jiminy Cricket!

You may have noticed I took down my "mom" story. If you were fortunate enough to read it, count your blessings because it is loooooooong gone and its not coming back.

Its not coming back because my sister made me feel bad. (LOVE YOU SISTER!) She had to bring up all this legitimate garbage that made total sense and also made me feel bad.

Stuff like, my mom would be mortified if she knew I'd written it...blah, blah, blah...

And, would I like it if people were writing embarrassing stories about me even if I didn't know it, for the whole world to see...blah...

And, we love our moms' and should respect them sort of stuff...blahdedy blah!


I just have to say, that honestly when I wrote it, it was not my intention to be mean to my mom, but just because I think its a pee-your-pants funny story doesn't mean its right to put up. And since I love and adore my mom and would never want to hurt her, I took it down.

Darn my maturity.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Just wanted to stop in here real quick and say "hey, I'm alive!" I usually post more often than I have been, but seriously I feel off. Or overwhelmed. Or just whatever.

I need to shower. Its almost noon and I'm still in my pajamas and have been eating chocolate pudding. I'm going for some cake next. This is what happens when I get a day off work: Laziness.

My kids have been watching Dora. I hate Dora. The show is so extremely annoying, like I want to gauge my eyes out. I was wondering outloud why Dora's head is so freaking big and my Middle Daughter answered me with "Because she's just Dora." Alright then, makes sense to her.

I'm really going to try hard to think of something super funny. For next time. Look forward to that, I don't know how long its going to take.

Pumpkin cake here I come...oh, and then a shower, yeah.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothin'. Blank. There is no thoughts in my head.

I keep starting sentences and erasing them because nothing is sounding right. Poo. I hate that! I'm about to erase this one too...

Instead I think I need a good laugh. The other night we were watching Leno, and he had on there Youtube video's done right vs. the same scenario done bad. Anyway, one was where a kid right at the buzzer threw the basketball all the way down court and made the basket to win the game!!! WOWEE! Here's the other one:

Oh my gosh I could rewind that over and over and over. Thats hysterical.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Arrrr Me Mateys!

My favorite "naughty" joke:

A pirate walks into a bar. The bartender notices the pirate has placed his steering wheel in his pants, and mentions it to the pirate. The pirate responds with:

"'s driving me nuts!"

Tee hee!

Whats your favorite joke?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watch Out for My Broom!

Kids have a lot of toys. I'm fairly positive that toys breed, because I never buy toys, but when I go in my kids room, there are TONS of toys. Its insane. Where did they come from? Why don't they leave? Don't they know they aren't welcome here?

The other problem with the millions of toys, is that my kids can't/won't possibly put them all away. So they're everywhere, all the time. I hate it.

My solution? Whenever I sweep up the floor, whatever's on the floor goes in the trash can. You should see my kids scramble when I bring the broom out, all of a sudden they're diving to the floor trying to save their favorite toys before mom can sweep them into oblivion. Its awesome. A two in one, the toys get put away and my kids get some excercise.

So, how do you keep your kid's toys in check?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cold Hearted Lunch

So I was over at Regarding Annie, whom I adore, and she was talking about school lunches. It made me think back to my childhood days when I had lunch. Except I didn't get to buy lunch at school, like EVER. My mom made us lunch, in a nice brown paper bag (I HATE those bags), she was a healthy mom and so in our lunch were pretty much the same things every day. A sandwich, an apple or orange, a treetop juice (she couldn't even get good juice like Caprisun or anything!), maybe at some point there was chips (but not even like bagged chips, like she took a sandwich bag and put some chips in there), and one cookie (homemade).

I hated those stupid lunches.

After sitting in your backpack all day, your sandwich is smashed. The peanut butter is crystallizing, the juice is warm (and its 100% healthy--blech), the chips are all smashed up and the only good thing in there is the cookie. So thats about all I would eat and throw the rest away.


I can't even imagine the amount of money I wasted over the years, its just too horrible to think about...

So one time, I shoved my lunch in the bottom of my locker (this is in junior high now) and I left it there (since I obviously wasn't going to eat it), and I left it and I left it and...I left it. Until the orange that was in there was totally rotten. And not only rotten, but STINKING. I was too embarrassed to take it out, because what if someone saw it?! It finally got so bad that I snuck it out one day, but seriously that is how bad I hated lunch time.

Were you one of the cool kids that got to buy lunch? (I hate you.)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh snap! I just had a post almost done and stupid blogger just deleted it! Crappy!

Well, the point of it was this:

I want to paint our old jenny lind crib, it looks like this right now:

And I want to paint it turquoise. Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

I'm totally into these colors, and this look right now:

Isn't that just so fresh and pretty?!

I decided I was going to go through all my old magazines (mostly Better Homes & Gardens, and Family Fun) and take out all the old articles I wanted to save and put them in a binder to refer to when I finally get to actually decorate something. But since I've probably gone through atleast fifty decorating magazines, I REALLY want to decorate!!!

Can I come to your house and re-decorate for you?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take Away My Junk

I really want to move. REALLY bad.

So in order to do that, there's a LOT that has to happen. First thing up, we're having a garage sale. Hopefully next weekend.

The problem with that? My front yard looks like a couple dinosaurs came through and had a knock down drag out fight. (Its tore up.)

Would you still go to a garage sale even if there was caution tape and orange cones blocking the sidewalk (which isn't a sidewalk anymore, just dirt)? I'm just hoping enough people will take the chance so we can get rid of our couch, a couple dressers and a whole lot of GREAT crap!

De-junking makes me feel creative though, I really want to sit around and make hair bows and aprons and paint stuff.

If I was really good, I'd do both. But I'm not. Oh well.

What do you have on your to-do list?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vent, vent, vent...

I am annoyed.

I was in a pretty good mood today, but as the day goes on, the more annoyed I get. Do you ever have days like that? Where you are so bothered you can hardly see straight?

I'm sick of people.

I'm sick of shallow people.

Don't get me wrong, I'm shallow. We're all shallow. I'm just tired of people who are supposed to be living a certain way, and act like they are, turning around and being "worldly". This isn't going to make any sense, and I probably sound so judgemental but thats not what I mean. And its not like these are people I don't know, these are people I've known for a long time.

Have you ever had a friend that says they're poor? But every time you turn around they're buying crap, and not just any crap, like shallow stupid crap?! Thats their business to buy whatever they want, but don't walk around and be like "sorry I can't donate to that because I'm poor...oh but you want to get pedicures--LET'S GO!" So frustrating!

I've just been feeling so beaten down lately. Like my whole faith in humanity is failing, because there are so many people around me who are living fake lives and its so hard to watch. I understand that its their choice to make, but why do they have to throw it in your face like you should be jealous?! I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it being like high school and a stupid popularity contest. Who cares if everyone likes you? Why do people have to be fake and act a "certain" way to impress people, so stupid!

And I'm REALLY tired of the STUPID road work going on in front of my FREAKING house! Sheesh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

I was totally inspired by Chief's fake list of lies she posted yesterday, she kills me! But what's sad about her fake list is that it reminded me of real lies I've actually told! Sad I know, but really I think they're mostly pretty funny stories. Or horrible, you choose.

Lie #1:

When I was a junior in high school (I'm not telling you the year, I don't need to hear how "young" I am, and I don't want you to know), I worked for a grocery store name Safeway as a courtesy clerk. I bagged groceries, cleaned the bathrooms, got the carts from the parking lot. It was very glamorous. My very best friend's birthday party was that Saturday and I tried and tried to get someone to take my shift, but they wouldn't. I was NOT going to miss that party, so I called in sick and said I had food poisoning. A week or so later, I get called into my manager's office. "Melinda, did you really have food poisoning the other day?" "Uhhhhhmmmm, YES, I went to Taco Bell and got some really bad food and was throwing up all night. MMmm hmmm... thats it." Intense stares into my soul. "Now Melinda, are you sure there isn't anything you want to tell us?" I broke like a fat kid for a candy bar, "I'm so sorry! It was my best friends birthday....bawwwwl, bawwwl bawwl!!" I think I didn't get fired because they'd never seen anyone cry so hard. And just so you know it was a stupid girl who told on me. I hate her.

Lie #2:

When I was a senior in high school everyone could buy a senior t-shirt, made special for that graduating class. I WANTED one of those shirts, I did, I did, I did. But I didn't have the money for it, and my parents were cheap. Or I was too scared (or lazy) to ask them. So instead I took the receipt from my friend and rushed over right when the bell rang to the kid handing out the t-shirts and in a hurry said "here's my receipt from the office, I paid for my shirt, give it to me!" He acted a little suspicious, but hey I was cute so he gave it to me. I'm sure I will burn in hell for stealing.

Lie #3:

When I was in junior high it was report card time. Just in the middle of the year, so it wasn't like AS important as final grades. But I got a "D" in one of my classes. I didn't want the wrath of Dad, so I took a pencil and very carefully put a line through that "D" to make it look like a "B". It really looked good, my parents had no clue until later in the year the teacher called to tell them I was failing. Then the crap hit the fan.

Lie #4:

This happened in the last recent years and I still feel horrible over it because I'm an adult and should be able to handle myself. But alas, it happened and now you'll know I am a schmuck. So anyway, for a Young Women's activity we decided to play with marshmallow guns. Except when it came to that night, it was raining outside. So we thought, what they hay, we'll play the Primary room...Yeah. Smart. So we had a great time playing marshmallow wars, until we turned the lights on and realized there were hundreds of marshmallows stuck/ground/cemented into the floor. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, but we couldn't get all of them out. The next morning I went to the church for Humanitarian, and a sweet older woman in our ward was all "WHAT happened in the Primary room?!" And I was all like "I don't know....thats terrible...who would do that?"
Gah. I'm such a jerk.

Lie #5:

When I was in high school, the Palmyra Temple was being dedicated and all the teenagers were invited to watch early that morning as it was broad casted to the Stake Center. But we would miss a little bit of school, which was alright with us! So my mom wrote me a note to miss the first part of school and arranged for another lady from church to take me to school after. But when it came time to go back to school, some of my other friends weren't going to go. So I told the lady that I had another ride and went back to one if their houses with them. I stayed at my friend's house ALL DAY. Like I didn't come home until like seven that night. My mom was PISSED and wasn't going to write a note for me to be excused the next day. So I forged a new one. (Guy I sound horrible!) But my mom had called the school the day before, so they knew I didn't have a note from her. I think I got detention for that one. And a lot of grounding at home.

So there you go, can we still be friends? Tell me some of your lies so I feel better.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Its raining here today. It rained yesterday too. Because of the rain, we've had quite a few conversations with our Oldest about why the rain is good.

It usually starts like this:

Oldest: "I HATE THE RAIN!!!!!"

Me: "No! The rain is good!"

Oldest: "Oh yeah, rain is good helps plants grow. Right?"

Me: "Yup, and it gives animals something to drink..."

Oldest: "Uh huh, and it cleans the windows on the house."

Me: "Whatever. Leave me alone."

Then there's the conversations we have with the Middle Child. Which are always extremely interesting.

Right now we have some guys outside digging up our sidewalk, I'm assuming its for the irrigation crap thats been going on for the last year or so, but who knows.

As we drive by the workers and the huge hole in our sidewalk:

Middle Child: "What are they digging up?"

Me: "I don't know."

Middle Child: "I think they're digging up an animal."

Me: "An animal huh?"

Middle Child: "Yeah, I think its a deer."

Me: "Wow. A deer."

Middle Child: "Noooo, not a deer. I think its a giraffe."

Me: "Hmmmm, maybe."

Middle Child: "Not a giraffe, its a bear."

Me: "What are we talking about again?"

And that is my life.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love Babies!

So just wanted to share real quick some pictures I took of my nephew this last weekend, isn't he the sweetest thing?!

P.S. Thanks for your suggestions about some books, always looking for a good book to read! Oh and I forgot to put in there 'Austenland' which I just adored! Okay then, later!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Reading and Rating

Okay, I've been out of it for awhile. I apologize, I really do. Life has been a little crazy and I'm tired (as usual), and I just haven't had the energy to blog. Poo.

One of the things that has taken up my time though, is:


I love to read and I've read a lot of books this year. I just finished up with 'Wicked', can't see how it could possibly be a fun, cheery musical but whatever. I also re-read some of the Twilight books because they make me happy. I read the 'Uglies' series, and also the 'Fablehaven' series (which was probably my favorite thing I read this whole year). And 'The Candy Shop Wars', which was excellent (by Brandon Mull of Fablehaven as well). Throw in there 'Atonement' and this one book a lady at church let me borrow that was really good but I can't remember the name; and I re-read the last Harry Potter book too. I think there's a few more, but thats about all I can think of right now.

So do you see a sort of trend with the books I read? They're all pretty much teenager books. And they're all teenager books because I really honest-to-goodness wish books had rating systems. Hooey does some of that stuff sneak up on you! Even teenage stuff can have garbage in it, but it was a lot worse in the "adult" books I read. And I'm not reading trashy love novels where you'd expect that kind of stuff, I'm reading about the Wicked Witch of the West, why so much sex people?! And even though for the most part the story was really interesting, sheesh why does the author have to be so dang graphic? I mean you can go places and not have to go that far.

Don't judge me that I still read the whole thing, even though it made me squirm with uncomfortable-ness. Uncomfortability? Uncomfortabull? (I know thats not a real word. Shutty.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So I told you guys we had family pictures taken, I just got an e-mail from Tiffany and here are a couple for you to see! You can see more on her blog if you want.

You know, the only thing I'm dissapointed about is there aren't any individual shots of just ME. I was fully expecting her to be stunned over my amazing...well, stunning beauty. But no, she missed it. Whatever, I bet it would've just been awkward for her. Yeah, thats it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

How's THAT for a Little Mystery

So I haven't been feeling well this week.

I know that's super hard to believe with all my frequent postings and chipper up-beat attitude, but sadly its true.

I am feeling at my limit. With my oldest going back to school (you'd think that'd help, but no), working, a church calling and a husband that's hardly ever home; I am feeling so drained.

Waaah me. I know we all have busy schedules and we all have stuff on our plates, I'm not saying I'm any different than anyone else (except my life is sooo much harder I'm sure...sarcasm people). I'm just letting you know why I've been sort of off lately. And that's the reason.

The whoooooooole reason...yeah.

Okay, there may be other stuff, but I'm not telling. Neener neener. I'll get to it eventually...maybe.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And the List Goes On...

I like lists.

Have you noticed? I often make lists. About just about everything. When I have a busy day, I make a list of everything (and the time) I need to do and just list it out. I make grocery lists. I make lists of "blaaaaahhh", I like lists.

Its about as organized as I get.

I mean really I like to organize, just not with my kids around. They sort of ruin any sort of progress I might make.

But the list thing, they can't take that from me! Nope. No matter how crazy they get, I can always sit down and write what I WISH was getting done. Its so fulfilling.

Now I just wish I could find some magic paper and pens that made everything I wrote come true! How's that for power? That would be awesome...I think I'm going to make a list about everything I wish about...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creepy Crawlies

Have you ever felt like something was crawling on you, only to discover there IS something crawling on you? And then the rest of the day you walk around slapping at yourself and feeling itchy and people stare at you because you're constantly twitching and grabbing at unseen bugs, but you can't help it because what if the real bug laid eggs on you and they're hatching all day?!?

Yeah, I know. It sucks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blaaaahh the Second

I'm naming my next child that (upward arrow pointing toward the title). But don't hold me to it because I'm really not.

I think I have an infected eyelash shaft thingy.

Whats up with those Scentsy thingies and why are they so expensive? I mean come on, its a light bulb inside a jar, how expensive can it be?!

We got family pictures done last night by this lady, nothing like good ol' family pictures. Where you're secretly fighting with your spouse behind the photographers back, giving each other dirty looks and mouthing things like "you will die" and "I hate you". Its so great.

Did I mention we paid FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for my six year old's glasses?!?!?! Holy crap.

Scooby Doo is seriously annoying. "We can solve this mystery for you, lets go look for clues!" How about: its someone dressed up as a ghost trying to sneak money. How bout that, hmmmm? Do you never learn?!

My sister's going to have a baby Monday, I'm so excited for her!! New little nephew, here we come! Except we're not going down there to see them, so maybe someday soon.

I'll stop torturing you now.

Real posts coming soon.

I think...

Friday, August 21, 2009


My Oldest had an eye doctor appointment today. Guess how much her freaking glasses cost us? FOUR HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS!! I want to die right now.

School started yesterday. Too bad I work almost the whole time Oldest is gone, so I don't even get to enjoy one less child. Oh well. I can't believe summer's pretty much over, it seems like once school starts there goes the whole year. Atleast we had an awesome summer while it lasted!

I wish I could go school clothes shopping once a year.

I wish my house would stay clean for more than five seconds.

I've had a crazy busy week, and I'm tired. I need a really good night's sleep, and a totally lazy day tomorrow. And Sunday. And maybe Monday too.

I got fake nails while we were in Washington for my sister-in-law's wedding. I think they are like an instant pick me up, they make me feel girly and pretty and yeah.

I got an award from Chief, who I adore. She rocks--I seriously love her. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Learned On the Back of a Motorcycle...

~Motorcycle's can be scary.

~You sure have to trust whoever's driving the motorcycle.

~I trust my dad a lot.

~Once you get used to the feeling of it, motorcycles rock!

~Somehow its really peaceful on a motorcycle, go figure.

~You can still have a life-changing conversation with your dad while riding a motorcycle.

~I look dumb in a helmet.

~45 minutes only feels like 20, maybe.

~I could take a motorcycle ride every day (unless its cold, then I'll pass).

~My dad really understands me, more than I thought he did. And that feels awesome!

~You can cry in a motorcycle helmet and it only gets a little steamy.

~Its hard not to speed on a motorcycle.

~Brush your teeth before you put on a helmet, unless you like the smell of hot stinky breathe.

~I want a motorcycle of my very own!

I'm sure there's more, but for now I think that's a pretty good list. What have you learned somewhere you didn't think you would?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

He's A Great Man, but Seriously...

Okay, I'm back from my activity. I'm dead tired, and sunburned, but I'm baaaaaaa-aaaack.

Guess what? I'm tired. Oh yeah, I already said that, well I'm still tired.

Do you ever wonder whats wrong with your husband? What a stupid question, of course you do. The other day my husband and I had the following conversation:

Husband: "If there was a natural disaster and you had to choose..." (starting to feel stupid, because I'm giving him the "I'm already irritated with this conversation look".)

Me: "Yeeeessss?"

Husband: "Like if you had to hang on a pole during a hurricane or a tornado which would you choose?" (Kind of rushes through the question)

Me: "Well...there's really not much difference between the two is there, one's more wind and one's more water...I don't know...neither..."

Husband: "Come on, which would you choose?"

Me: "Is this what you talk about at work all day?"

Husband: "Shut up."

I wonder about him, I really do.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check Out Our Trip!

Okay guys, its time again. Time for me to go. On another church activity, so I'll be gone for three days.

But I won't leave you with nothing, instead I'll give you a couple pictures from our trip, and when I get back I'll start sharing some stories. Deal?! Well, accept or not, thats whats gonna happen! :)

Hmmmmm, and I think there was a wedding in there somewhere too...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to the Bubble

You know, I'm having a hard time adjusting back to Utah life. See, if you've ever lived outside Utah, you know that there's a bubble you cross over to get into Utah, where life isn't the same as everywhere else.

I'm not meaning it in a mean way, its just the way I see it.

When we first left Utah, I noticed how differently everybody dresses. It didn't matter if they were 10 or 70, they were wearing a tank top and short shorts. Or people were actually smoking! Or cursing! Or they had piercing and tattoos all over!! Shocking I know, people really live like that! *note the sarcasm* The billboards went from "Temple Square" to "Triple X!!!"

It slowly came back to me, that oh yeah, this is normal. This is how it is everywhere. People are people and you're not surrounded by Mormons. I don't know why its so shocking, I've lived in Utah for five years, outside of Utah for over twenty, it shouldn't be that shocking. But when you see the same thing every day and then suddenly you see the exact opposite, it startles.

Not that either way is better or worse. Its the way it is. I'm just having trouble adjusting back into the Utah life where people have no idea how bad life can be. Where you don't see homeless people on every block. Or crack addicts walking down the street. Where your next door neighbor is a child molester or selling drugs. When police sirens are like background music, and gangs are just a part of life. Where all that is common. And where you deal with it because that's just life, and life is still good.
(I'm also not saying that those things don't happen in Utah, but I honestly just don't think its the same. So shoot me. No don't, I have so much to give!)

And really its not any one's fault, they don't know what its like "on the outside" (doo do doo do), I just wish they could see the gospel outside the border. Where the chapel is half full but people sing the hymns as loud as they can, where you see the missionaries every Sunday and there's new baptisms constantly. Where you have eight women on your visiting teaching list and you really have to pull together because your neighbor's a transvestite (although they're very nice and have great taste in shoes).

The Gospel is true wherever you go, I know that. Just sometimes I really want to pop that bubble. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm BAAAaacck!

Oh man, I only have a quick minute to get on here before I crash for the night!


Secondly, sorry I haven't been able to comment, I feel like a schmuck, but I'll try and make up for it, promise!

Thirdly, I'm exhausted, but I promise there will be many a post coming soon!

Lastly, I know you're dying to know about our trip, it was great, fun, much too fast, and sometimes frustrating, but we loved it so much and are sad to be back home (except for the part where my Victoria's Secret clothes came in the mail, that part I was happy to be home for).

Alright then, see you tomorrow!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Never Wear Silk Underwear...Unless You Like Them A LOT

So I've been vacationing and the last few posts I'd scheduled to go out before I left. This is one of those posts. I could be having a fantastic vacation or I could be having a horrible vacation right this minute...this feels so futuristic...

But instead of the future, I'm blogging about the past today.

When I was younger, like 9-ish, I loved silky underwears. They were bright colors, like turquoise and pink, and man were they silky!

I rode the bus to school. Stupid bus.

One day I was wearing my silky underoos and on top of those I was wearing these stretch pants that had a little skirt attached to them. It was ugly.

It was my turn to get off the bus, but when I stood up the little skirt got stuck underneath me and I flashed my silky drawers to a cute boy next to me.

He laughed really loud and started yelling "I saw Melinda's underwear!! hahahahaha!"

Our bus driver was pretty butch. In fact, if you didn't know better you would've thought she was a man. Her name was even "Terry" like that cleared things up.

Anyway, she yelled at the kid and I felt better.

The end.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

People Watcher

Have you ever noticed that people are weird? YES?! Well, you're obviously quicker on the uptake than I am, but it just hits me over and over again how weird people are. And not in a quirky, you're so weird, kind of way. More like, you're seriously nutso kind of way.

Have you ever noticed that when people point out what kind of person they are, they're usually the complete opposite? Like, if someone says they're really thick skinned, then five minutes later they're all upset over something dumb? Or how about someone that says they never get offended, but that very same day they're offended! I think I'll stick with never saying I'm a certain way.

How about people that say they hate something, but they're usually just like that? The person that says, "I hate people that are so insensitive!" most likely is pretty insensitive themselves. Or someone that hates gossipers is usually a gossip. The irony, oh the irony.

I'm so glad I'm perfect, makes life so much easier...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pearly Whites

Remember forever ago when I posted about whitening my teeth? Well, I honestly only tried it that one time and then I gave up because I'm weak.

But I'm totally redeeming myself because I've done it five times in a row now!! And ya know what? I can see my teeth getting whiter!! WOOT! And ya know what else?! Its not that bad anymore! I learned how to not swallow or move my tongue or do anything so I don't have to taste the nasty whitening taste! Its perfecto!

I think the part my kids like the most is that I can't talk for an hour everyday. I basically just motion at them and mmmmmm really angrily. They laugh their heads off. And my son just follows me around mimicking my mumbling.

The only bad thing was that one time when I had to sneeze. That was painful.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

One More Down!

So I got another project done! Aren't you proud of me?! And I've learned my lesson, because there's no way I would just post this without evidence, so here it is:

oops this ones sideways, oh well.

So there you go, headbands for my sister-in-law's wedding (her colors are: periwinkle and chocolate brown). Cute yes?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm tired. *yaaaaaaaaaaaawwwn!*

Seriously, I think I'm dying of sleep deprivation. My son is teething, therefore instead of sleeping he cries every night at 2:30 until 3:30. Its lovely.

I'm so tired right now that I bribed my six year old into trying to change the boy's diaper, they're wrestling with each other right this second.

Guess what though? We're going on vacation! My husband's sister is getting married next weekend, so we're heading home to Washington, to my heart's desire, to the most beautiful place on earth, to...freaking 102 degree weather!!

(side story: my kids are screaming at each other, so I told them all to stop YEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG!! And held that for as long as I possibly could. They thought it was hilarious, but now I'm slightly lightheaded.)

Its sort of hard to concentrate at work getting ready to vacation, as I have visions of this dancing through my head:

Yaaaay! I'm so excited; I just may never want to come home!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life's Questions

I'm a very inquisitive sort. There are so many questions that go through my head all the time, some of them I'm sure I could figure out, but some of them boggle the mind. Here's some of the questions I think about:

Why are there never any lids to the sippy cups?

What is up with daylight savings?

Why can I have seven pacifiers but when the baby cries, I can't find a single one?!

Why does my husband load up the dishwasher but then never starts it?

Why aren't all the boogers in your nose the same, sometimes they're hard, sometimes there's a lot, why?!

Why is there a cricket in my bathroom?

Why am I so impatient?

Do they make cartoons for kids or adults, because there's some content that I know kids don't get?

Why is blogging so fun? And then sometimes its not?

Why do I love clothes and shoes so much?

Ewww, what did I just step in?

Why won't my kids let me sleep past 8:00 am?

How come the stuff you liked as a kid isn't that great anymore? (especially bologna? patooey!)

How does it make any sense to base your self worth on what other people think, when they're questioning their own self worth?

What is my obsession with having twins?

Why do we care so much what other people think of us, and will sacrifice most anything to impress them?

Why can't we learn if we don't have the money for it, we just shouldn't buy it?

Why do we think only about whats happening right now, instead of the big picture?

Why are men such babies when it comes to pain? But they think they're so tough about everything?

How can your friends straight up lie to your face over something stupid?

Why is it when I'm reading a story about a hero and how they acted so brave, I think "I could be like that!" but then when I'm faced with something instead of being brave, I panic? (In other words, why can't I be the person in my head?)

Why isn't life easier the older you get, instead of harder?

Why in the world were mosquito's ever made?

Why is it so hard to forgive people?

What makes you keep reading this?

Oh, I could go on and on...

Friday, July 24, 2009


Alright already!! Here is your proof that I finished my project!

I did the pink one awhile ago, and I just finished the red. My Oldest is so excited about it, she wants to wear it everyday, but we're saving it to get family pictures done next month! SO EXCITED!

So what do you think?

Next project: hair bows for my sister-in-law's wedding! I can do it!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes I go to Victoria's Secret's website and fill up my shopping cart with every single little thing I could ever possibly want.

And then I delete it.

(oh p.s. I DID take a picture of the finished pettiskirt--boy I didn't know you guys wanted actual proof I finished my projects, way to be diligent--but my computers being obnoxious and I don't have the patience to work with it right now. We're not on speaking terms for the moment. So later I promise to post the picture.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Power of Motivation...or something like that

Okay guys, just really quick because I am EXHAUSTED, I just wanted to say:



See, I totally knew it work. Blaaaaaaaah, I'm going to bed now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creative Juices

Are you guys crafty people?

I like to create things, I like to make stuff. Especially when everything thats cute and "designer" or whatever is so dang expensive, I like to try it out myself and see if I can do it.

Right now on my list of things to "create" (or FINISH creating) are:

~a pettiskirt (thats almost done--I swear!)


~hair bows

~a couple aprons

~painting murals at the daycare

~distressing some shelves

~sewing some curtains

Thats a lot of projects guys. And I haven't really been working on them at all. My sewing machine has been sitting on my table for like a month or maybe longer...

So here's my idea, how about every time I post you ask me how my projects are coming along, and then I'll feel really guilty and hopefully get them all done! Yay!

Or I may just blatantly tell you to get off my back!! Sheesh!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Whooey, why does life have to be so hard? (Don't answer that, I know why life has to be hard, but... WHYYYYYY?!?)

We're trying to move.

Like I really want to move. I want to be near my family, I want my kids to know their grandparents, I want to be home.

My husband wants to be a cop.

So he applied for a job back home, flew up there for the testing, passed the tests with pretty good scores, AND...didn't get the job.


When we were going through this whole process, I kept telling myself I would be fine either way, I knew it wasn't a sure thing that he would get the job and that was okay, we would deal with however it turned out and blah blah BLAH!

I didn't realize how much I was hoping for this job until we were told no.

And I do want it, I DO. I really do.

So now what?

We have to re-look at all our plans, what the next step is, where we need to go with it now.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, that rarely good things just fall into your lap, but I was really hoping it would, dang it!

I also know that the Lord will help us figure this out, and maybe we just need to show Him that we really do want this and we're willing to work for it, not just sit back and hope He makes it happen.

So I guess thats what we'll do.

But I'm scared. I'm scared to put myself, my family, everything, out there and take a giant leap of faith. I want security, I want to know it will all be perfect and I don't have to risk anything. Poo.

Well, here's to stupid "life" and here's to making hard decisions...

...and here's to trusting in the Lord.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Where I use Quotation Marks WAY too Much

I'm still really in "Girls' Camp Mode," so I'm having a hard time coming up with blog fodder. And by "Girls' Camp Mode" I mean REALLY TIRED.

Also not helping my situation is that I'm reading the last Harry Potter book and I've got "Potter Brain." And by "Potter Brain" I mean REALLY TIRED.

ALSO not helping my situation is that I'm on my period so I've got "Aunt Flo" going on. And by "Aunt Flo" I mean I'm REALLY TIRED.

Last night I was so ridiculously tired and irritated and annoyed and impatient I was actually scared. I was thinking inside my insanely tired head that I might need to go to the doctor and tell him that I'm crazy, and I'm tired and I'm CrAzY and what was I going to DO?!

I haven't been to a "regular" doctor in a while, I've been to the baby doctor, you know, in the last year or whatever, but I haven't had a "check-up" in well, let's say it should've happened a long time a land far, far away...(I don't know why I said that, I just felt like it.)

But I think the longer you put something off the harder it is to do. You know, like that pile of crap you have in the corner of your room, its been there so long your eyes just glaze over it (if that), and you never even think about it. So nice!

PLUS, I'm really busy, so I just can't be bothered with that silly stuff... yeah.

What kind of important stuff do you put off?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lessons Learned

I just got back from a week at Girls' Camp. Yes, I survived, and yes it was fun, and YES it was really hard and sometimes horrible! But I learned a few things while I was there, and here they are:

*teenage girls are CRAZY.

*if you get a bunch of adult women together without their kids, they're crazier than teenage girls.

*giant spiders apparently like the taste of my elbow.

*sometimes grown women are meaner than teenage girls.

*I don't like to be woken up by crazy, giggling, door slamming teenage girls.

*but I don't mind keeping said crazy, giggling, door slamming teenage girls awake myself.

*there are some faces you should never make.

*sometimes teenage girls will pee in a trashcan. I don't know why, I just learned it, doesn't mean I understand it. (don't worry, no picture for that one!)

*never let a teenage girl do your hair.

*people only like you if you're happy and cheerful all the time, the minute you're upset, they drop you like a dead potgut.

*potguts are little rodents like prairie dogs.

*girls from other campsites like to stomp on the baby potguts at your campsite, because they are sick (the girls, not the potguts).

*teenage girls are still sensitive about killing baby potguts and will hold funeral services for the poor squished creature.

*you should bring more than one blanket to sleep with when you're camping up in the mountains.

*you get really emotionally haggard by the end of a week at Girls' Camp.

*you are a bad person for teaching your crazy, giggling, door slamming girls "bad" camp songs that all revolve around death--in a funny way-- (but secretly love it).

*sitting around a campfire singing to a guitar is pretty awesome.

*shockingly enough, grown women will still play favorites.

*if you sit in the sunlight at noon for over an hour you will get sunburned on half your face.

*hammocks rock.

*hiking uphill sucks.

*teenage girls do not know how to pick up their trash, or drink a soda all the way gone or throw that soda can away.

*you won't physically die on 4 hours of sleep every night, I was certainly surprised.

*everyone starts their period at camp.

*fire stinks really bad.

*your kids don't miss you nearly as much as you miss them.

*most women your age want boob jobs. Whodathunkit!?

*your husband will NOT clean your house fantastically before you return.

*I can do a zip line challenge course in 1:30.

*if you leave Mountain Dew out all night, and then stick it in the fridge to get cold, it still won't taste good.

*if you eat a whole bag of marshmallows, you will get canker sores so bad you can hardly eat.


I really had a great time (for the most part) at Camp, if for anything else than to get to play with my girls and have some fun! They are the most beautiful, wonderful, spiritual, inspiring group of girls you could ever hope for!