Thursday, July 16, 2009


Whooey, why does life have to be so hard? (Don't answer that, I know why life has to be hard, but... WHYYYYYY?!?)

We're trying to move.

Like I really want to move. I want to be near my family, I want my kids to know their grandparents, I want to be home.

My husband wants to be a cop.

So he applied for a job back home, flew up there for the testing, passed the tests with pretty good scores, AND...didn't get the job.


When we were going through this whole process, I kept telling myself I would be fine either way, I knew it wasn't a sure thing that he would get the job and that was okay, we would deal with however it turned out and blah blah BLAH!

I didn't realize how much I was hoping for this job until we were told no.

And I do want it, I DO. I really do.

So now what?

We have to re-look at all our plans, what the next step is, where we need to go with it now.

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, that rarely good things just fall into your lap, but I was really hoping it would, dang it!

I also know that the Lord will help us figure this out, and maybe we just need to show Him that we really do want this and we're willing to work for it, not just sit back and hope He makes it happen.

So I guess thats what we'll do.

But I'm scared. I'm scared to put myself, my family, everything, out there and take a giant leap of faith. I want security, I want to know it will all be perfect and I don't have to risk anything. Poo.

Well, here's to stupid "life" and here's to making hard decisions...

...and here's to trusting in the Lord.


  1. Sorry to hear that Melinda. Although I definitely agree with what you have to say. Bryce and I have been going through it for a while, as you know, and it is going to continue like this for at least till the end of the year. It's hard, but I am learning patience, which I hate and I am just putting my faith in the Lord, I guess we just have to wait and see where life takes us!

  2. I am sorry it didn't work out for your husband, and consequently for you. Where are you hoping to move?

  3. Sorry about the news! A few years ago, my husband applied for his "dream job" and we thought he would get hired, but the job fell thru. We were all bummed out. Some how the Lord knew that the long hours required at the job wasn't right for our family, I became really sick and my husband landed a job where his hours were flexible so he could be there for our son and take care of me.

    Who knows? Maybe there's another city that needs your husband as a cop!

  4. Oh, I hear you about being scared to trust in the Lord! That's my problem, too. Every time my husband brings something up that may, even the slightest, affect our stability, I have a little nervous breakdown. Good luck!

  5. Giant leaps of faith are hard to do. Sometimes it helps to be pushed off the cliff, as that first leap can be near impossible for me. Lots of chocolate helps, too...I have some stashed away, wanna share?

  6. Your moving? How am I suppose to come and see you??? Sorry about the plans...

  7. Kazzy, we're hoping to move up to Tacoma, Washington hoo.

    Queen, now that we're NOT moving, we need to have a visit, that will bring me out of my depression right? Are you up for it?!

  8. DARN it! I hate it when the answer comes back a no. We are going through that a little right now. I want it to be yes but we haven't heard anything so I'm thinking it's most likely a no.

    I hope you guys can get a clear answer about where to go and how to get there and that you like the answer you get. :)

  9. Ok seriously we're so having the same experiences right now it's scary. I'm sorry to hear about your change of plans. We're looking around too right now and it's rather depressing at times. Good luck to you guys and here's to faith and life and blessings coming our way!

  10. I have been asking the lord for a girl that is cute, cool, funny, and would actually say yes if I proposed... cute, cool, and funny, it's only three little things.

    He likes to introduce me to everything other then that.

    Here's to trusting the Lord.

  11. I have vague recollections that "home" is Washington. If that is correct, let me know. We have a friend who is a police officer up there. I don't know if it will do you any good, but I can pass along your name to see what will happen.

  12. No clue why. It is so crazy hard though. Beautiful. Hard. Bitter. Sweet. blahblahblah. Feel better, babe.

  13. It's uber tough when you put your trust in the Lord but I have found that when I do and I don't get what I think I want, I get something better. Every time. Hang in there. :)


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