Saturday, July 18, 2009

Creative Juices

Are you guys crafty people?

I like to create things, I like to make stuff. Especially when everything thats cute and "designer" or whatever is so dang expensive, I like to try it out myself and see if I can do it.

Right now on my list of things to "create" (or FINISH creating) are:

~a pettiskirt (thats almost done--I swear!)


~hair bows

~a couple aprons

~painting murals at the daycare

~distressing some shelves

~sewing some curtains

Thats a lot of projects guys. And I haven't really been working on them at all. My sewing machine has been sitting on my table for like a month or maybe longer...

So here's my idea, how about every time I post you ask me how my projects are coming along, and then I'll feel really guilty and hopefully get them all done! Yay!

Or I may just blatantly tell you to get off my back!! Sheesh!


  1. Are you really thinking that guilt thing will work? If it did, our mothers would have us being perfect!!!

  2. So how are those projects of yours coming along? (Now you ask me how my cutting back on sugar is going. ;)

  3. when you get that pettiskirt finished, if it turns out, send me the pattern will you? I want to make some for my girls.

    How are your projects going? :)

  4. Hey, how are those projects of yours coming along? When you're finished with those, could you help me out and fix the three shirts and two pairs of pants that have been sitting on my sewing machine for several months now, and when you're done with that maybe you can take that cute fabric I bought and turn it into a darling dress for my daughter, and then you could help her piece together the quilt blocks that she cut out and after that, there are the curtains that I've been meaning to make for my son's room............

    I had my sewing machine on my kitchen table for years;0)

  5. I have a knit scarf I started 7 yrs ago and is still not done. Also a king size block quilt, not done yet either.

    My latest crafts include girl's hair flower clips, easy and about 5 minutes from start to finish.

    Our other fave crafts are homemade soaps...they make quick, sweet homemade gifts.

  6. As part of our "heritage" we are all creators, dontcha think? I love to cook and do anything that has to do with design. Good reminder for me to fill my creativity bucket up. Thanks!

  7. What, can't you clean the house, cook the food, run the kids, build the Parthanon, and get to Heaven all in one afternoon?

  8. Hmpf. At least you can sew. I can glue two pieces of paper together but I cannot sew.

  9. I have a couple of projects that I want to work on...unfortunately, my sewing machine is broken. Guess I'll just have to blog instead.


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