Thursday, July 2, 2009

Taggedy Tag tag

Well, I was (sort of) given an award by Funky, even though I didn't put her on my list on the last post. She's awesome, thats why she still loves me! So anyway, in this tag I'm supposed to list 7 things about me that my blog friends probably don't know. I think if you don't know them, I probably don't want you to, since I'm pretty open with ya'll, but I will rack my brain just for you!

1. I really love to sing, LOUDLY. When I'm in the car, when we're dancing around the house, when I'm bored, I like to sing. And I would dearly love to take voice lessons, I'm sure everyone else would too.

2. I'm seriously considering trying out for America's Next Top Model. Don't you DARE say anything mean to me!! It's MY DREAM!!!

3. I don't like it when people who have just met me, think they know me. And try to make comments to me about my life or what I say, like they have any idea who I am or what I feel or where I've been. (It's mostly when they're being bossy that it really gets to me, just to clarify.)

4. I'm dramatic. I think thats the best way of putting it, I'm dramatic in the sense of I feel like I'm fifty different people inside me. One day I want to be loud and funny, another day solemn and listening, another five minutes and I'm sad, at any moment I'm bound to change how I feel and act and who I am and what I want. Maybe that means I'm just schizophrenic.

5. I am REALLY excited to go to Girls Camp next week, and also REALLY nervous. I'm excited because Camp will be amazing, I'm nervous because my kids will miss me SO BAD!

6. I talk a big game, but when it comes right down to it I'm going to fold if I think there's a fight coming. I want to say something snide or rude, I think it in my head, I have every justifiable reason to say something, but if there's even an ounce of contention, I just can't do it. Unless its my husband.

7. I want a scooter really bad. With one of those side carriage things.

Alrighty, there's my list! Did you learn anything new about me or was that all old blah blah blah?

I'm not going to tag anyone (I got in trouble last post remember?!), but if you want to do it, feel free!


  1. I think that Tyra is looking for older Top Models so that dream is still alive!

    And I saw Shellie's comment. When are you meeting her!?!?

  2. so was #3 a warning to me? :)

  3. I think Kristina just called you old.

    Anyway, I think we are a lot alike. Maybe everyone is a lot alike, and we just don't know it.

  4. I'm a lot like #4 too! Unfortunately for the hubby he never knows what personality will come out!

  5. Fine, I'll quit trying to tell you how to raise your kids and live your life. Just because I've only met you once, doesn't mean I don't know what's best for you!!

  6. Awe tootz, I love all your wacky sides. All of my inner voices think you're totally awesome! (they told me so)

    When you win top model I'll know two famous people. Kristina (the new infomercial queen) and you! WOO HOO!


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