Monday, June 29, 2009

Click On It

I'm in a sharing kind of mood today. Giving I am, giving.

So in my compassion I'm sharing with you some of my very favoritist blogs! WHOOO PARTAY!!!

I'll get right to it then:

I can't help it, I think this blog is hilarious--I mean absolutely roll on the floor hysterical! It's called Smoke and Dream, and I apologize for the swearing, but there I warned you right then, so if you don't like swearing then don't click, but its HILARIOUS!

Another blog I really enjoy every time she posts is Regarding Annie. I don't know how she does it, but she's deep and funny and engaging and awesome all at the same time! (Kind of reminds me of someone...ME...haha Yeah right.)

Gauranteed laugh for me is The Comics Curmudgeon, I FREAKING LOVE his site!! But I've read the comics since I can't tell you when, so if you're not familiar with the Sunday funnies, this site probably isn't that funny to you. Otherwise, LAUGH AWAY! Oh the wittiness...

Nurturing Narcissism is the first blog I ventured to outside of my friends and family, my sister-in-law is a friend of hers and I clicked on it because I thought she had an interesting name. What I found was an insanely clever, beautiful "girlie-woman" (as she says) and I'm totally infatuated with her! I so want to be her friend, she is so dang cool!

And this list would never be complete without Seriously Shellie, who is not only my blog twin, but we get to hopefully meet eachother in the next week or four!!! I am SO EXCITED because I just know we'll be besties forever! Shellie without fail makes me laugh, unless she posts about cancer, and then I bawl like a baby, she is so amazing and I love her guts!

Okay people go at it with the clicking! Oh, and tell me what you're favorite blogs are, ya know, besides MINE! tee hee :)

(post edit: I limited this list to five blogs, because look at my sidebar over there, I obviously love a LOT of blogs! So don't feel bad if I didn't mention you, I will next time! PROMISE!)


  1. Your link for the blog that makes you laugh is wrong. It doesn't link to my site.

  2. I agree, Annie is a great read. I love her columns too.

  3. okay thats so crazy i left a comment here last night and its gone. :)

    i can not wait to meet you. i hope we can do tons of stuff together!!!!

  4. Well! Leave blogdania for a while and everyone forgets you! this is the third list of fave blogs I have read lately and none of them included me. At least I'm in your sidebar, huh? (Clearly I had some humble pie coming).

  5. Dunhaven Place, Divergent Pathways, Temporary Insanity, Together for Good, One Wild and Precious Life. So so so many blogs. SO so so little time.

  6. Maybe I should rethink this!


    I left you something over at my blog.



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