Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strike a Pose

I love America's Next Top Model. Love it.

The consequence of loving and watching so much ANTM though?

First off, your daughter will ask you to watch the "Hot Model Show".

You comply, and it leads to this:

The girl was working it.


  1. That is such a great age!!! Don't worry she'll grow up and want to live in the mall!! Great photos...

  2. Love the poses. Was it her idea for the balloons and umbrella? She sure is working it!

  3. hey, i KNOW that dress!! cute!

  4. Were you at the Salt flats?

    My girls have never seen ANTM but they still "work it" for pictures. I think it must be something in the female chromosones. . .

  5. What a cutie! What about Sam though? He's adorable too, work it baby work it!

  6. As Tyra Banks would say she looks "FIERCE!" Awesome photo, you should frame it!

  7. See, when you got the stuff, you got it! And she definitely has IT. Tyra has NOTHING on this girl!


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