Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Oh!

It's my husband's birthday this week. And its not just any birthday, its the big 3-0!

And you know what? I have thought of nothing to do for him. Nothing. Its not because I don't love him, or I don't think about him. I do, I definitely do. Its more like my life is so jam packed that if its not glaring at me TODAY, right now, this very second; then it gets shoved back until its right at the forefront and I HAVE to focus on it.

But now I feel really bad, what do I do?! What do I get him?!

Whats worse is he wanted to go to a movie that day and we can't even go because I have a staff meeting. Garbage I tell you, garbage.

So what kind of people are you? Are you big celebraters or do you not make a big deal out of birthdays?

And also help me out, what should I do for the guy?


  1. That is a bummer. My hubby turned 30 this year too! At first I wanted to take him on a cruise or something. When I woke up, I decided to heart attack his car, include a list of 30 things I love about him, and make his 3 favorite meals, 3 days in a row. It seemed to go over pretty well. . .

  2. What not to get him: a cane, a box of Grecian formula, Metimucil, a box of Depends.

    He will thank you.

  3. 30 little gifts put in various places around the house, in his car, etc.? Candy, new toothbrush, socks, etc.

  4. I ask him a few times what he wants...then figure out what works. It's usually some combo of the following:
    *date night out to cafe/restaurant of his choice
    *movie of his choice
    *dessert of his choice (usually not chocolate but I concede on to him on this one day of the year)
    *then shooting w/the guys @ the range the next day

    I also throw him a party w/friends & family, his bday is conveniently around swim/summer time, so it all works out well. The men end up barbequeing and that makes it easy-peasy!

    Good luck and have fun!

  5. I love it when others celebrate me, but my hubby loves it when nobody notices him. :) Ha.

    Good luck with your hubby's birthday. Question for ya, do you feel like you're getting older even though it's your hubby that is turning 30? My hubby is turning 29 this year and all of a sudden I'm thinking we're getting old. (Not old old but you know it's a big milestone.)

  6. I LOVe birthdays. But my husband takes all the fun out of them. He NEVER wants me to celebrate.

    But on his 29th birthday I threw him a ALMOST 30 party and surprised him.

    He thanked me, cause I rock!

    But for his 30th, he got nothin!

    So what I'm saying is I'm NOOOOO help!

  7. Sometimes we worry tooooo much about these birthdays, anniversaries etc. I know this is a little late but just tell him you'll give him, ah, 30 days of ah----------------you know (tee,hee) Sorry I haven't been blogging much, lots going on, I AM MOVING. and have had no time for anything, but will post about that hopefully this weekend.


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