Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tag--You're it!

Well, I haven't done a tag in a veeeerrry long time! Since Ginger tagged me and I love her, I will do it! And also because its an easy one and won't take much time! :)

1- Four places I go.
*the grocery store
*to bed
*to the bathroom (Actually...pardon me for a moment...)

2- Four favorite smells.
*definitely baby breath (I also like newborn baby poop smell, but I seem to be the only one who REALLY likes it)
*I love Bath & Body Works "Sensual Amber"--oh my goodness, smells so good!
*baked goods

3- Four favorite TV shows/movies.
*Dirty Dancing
*The Real Housewives (any one of them)
*Casino Royale
*Avatar: The Last Airbender (the cartoon, definitely not the movie!)

4- Four recommendations.
*Don't complain (too much) about your life, someone always has it worse.
*Be honest with yourself, no excuses.
*You will always feel bad for doing something wrong, but you will never regret doing whats right.
*Find things to laugh about all day long!

I tag:
*Whoever feels like doing this! :)

P.S. If I find the time to edit these two videos, I will post my husband talking in his sleep again--SO FUNNY! But they take awhile to put together and I'm in the middle (well, end really) of a book series I'd like to finish and am still dealing with very sick, very cranky baby. BUT, its something to look forward to right?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ups and Downs

It was a holiday yesterday. Yup, didn't know if you knew that but it was. We didn't really do anything especially fun, but it was a day off so I'm not complaining.

It throws my whole week off though because it felt like Saturday, so today feels like Sunday--not Tuesday. Funny how in your mind, a day can feel a certain way.

I took pictures of my cousin's baby this weekend, see:

But I learned something afterwards about myself. I shouldn't do photography. I have a problem with asking people to pay me. I don't have enough confidence in what I'm doing, but I can't get better without more practice. Also, I don't like people. Just kidding, I just can get uncomfortable around certain kinds of people. So if I'm having a bad day, its really hard for me to put myself out there and/or deal with people. Not really the making of a good photographer huh?

Also I get really overwhelmed looking at "real" photographers work. I used to get inspired (I do sometimes still) but more than anything I think, I will never be that good. Or I won't be that good unless I can buy a better camera/equipment. Its so stupid. I annoy myself.

You know how someone can tell you something about themselves and its so easy to see how they should change or what they should do? Yeah, except when its yourself its actually HARD to do, even when you know whats wrong. Boo.

Okay, my little wah me party is done.

On the flip side, I had my Relief Society lesson on Sunday and it went really well. I love teaching the women, they are so awesome and participate and share the most awesome insights! It went so well that I felt good the whole rest of the day. Hooray for that!

So how do you guys develop your talents? (Even when your confidence is low?)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Ugh. I hit a wall today.

I'm sitting here in my "workout" clothes (pajamas) with my tennis shoes on and my hair pulled back, my bottle of water sitting ready. I even turned the workout video on.

And watched it for a full minute before I turned it back off and sat down here.


I haven't been feeling like this at all, in fact, I've been looking forward to it every day and even the ONE day off we had (Sunday) I actually wanted to work out that day too (but didn't of course).

But MAN, I just don't feel like it today. I'm TIRED. And I'm TIRED. AND some ladies from church are coming to visit and I wasted my morning reading a book and now I feel pressured and I don't want to take the 40 minutes to exercise and then the extra time to shower and get ready after that.

WAAH. WAh. Wah. WAH.

What do you guys do when you lose your motivation?

I'm going to eat some cookies while I wait for you to motivate me. Thankyouverymuch.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Shmalentines

I'm not a huge celebrator. I mean I like to celebrate holidays and stuff, but for some reason I just don't go all out. Not for birthdays, or anniversaries or most anything. Really the only holiday I decorate for is Christmas. A tiny bit for Halloween. I feel like my life is just too crazy to deal with the other stuff. And someday I'll be able to do it. Someday.

This is the extent of my Valentine's efforts:

MCP 52 Week Project- Week 7

Yup. Thats it. I did make a nice big dinner and dessert, but the heart marshmallows were the most Valentinesy that I got. What a loser.

I hope you guys had a fantastic Valentine's Day full of conversation hearts and kisses!

Friday, February 11, 2011

See Me in Pictures!

I'm sorry I'm just going to have to brag for a minute here. Because LOOK at this baby:

(My husband's hot.)

My cousin just got her wedding pictures back from her photographer and she sent these to me of my sweet wittle baby. Gosh I want to eat him.

She also had these:

These are my sisters. I love them.

I'm still waiting for the pictures of me and my husband. I hope she adds those soon!

Thought it would be a nice change to see some pictures today. I have a bunch of projects I'm wanting to do but that sweet baby up there has a cold so pretty much all I can do is hold him. Aw well, there will always be projects to do.

Also, day 5 of Insanity down. I'm still feeling insane. It is HARD. My husband's lost like 3 lbs or more, I've lost NONE. Suck. But I feel good, you know, in a 'I should've lost 5 lbs in sweat just in today alone' kind of way. :)

This is the outfit I'm wearing. This is an old picture, but still the same outfit. The only difference is, I didn't tuck the shirt in and I had different shoes on. Both the top and the skirt are from Victoria's Secret. I love their clothes.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I can barely type. I am so super duper sore and tired.

Let me start at the beginning so you can know every detail instead of me just telling you the simple version. You're welcome.

My husband struggles with weight issues. He's not overly bad, but he's constantly trying to lose some weight and struggles to either get it off or keep it off. We recently found out he has high cholesterol and since his dad has been on cholesterol medicine since a young age, he didn't want to have to do that so young. SOoooooo...we've been trying to make some changes here.

Health wise.

It sucks.

You know why it sucks?

Because we got "Insanity" and started that this week. And although we're only on DAY TWO, I think I'm going to die.

Here, you need to see this to understand:

THAT is what we're doing. I got up at 5AM this morning to work out! What has happened to me?! I don't EVER get up early, BUT I am doing it to get in shape, to support my husband and to feel good. Although I really don't feel good right now. You know, when it hurts to laugh. Or move. Or BREATHE.

Wish me luck that we don't die this week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dumpster Diving

My husband has been gone all day. Its 2 o'clock and he's JUST getting home. Its like this every Saturday. Do you know why? Because he's the athletic director and he HAS to be at basketball every stinking Saturday. On top of him being gone he brings a huge garbage bag home full of stinky jerseys, that yours truly gets to wash.

His calling sucks. For me.

We got our income taxes last week and I want to get some fun stuff with just a teeny bit of it. You know because we were responsible and paid our car off and any credit cards and we have some left over and I WANT TO BUY FUN STUFF. Dang it. I do. This is the thing, I want to do some fun projects but I'm still not going to spend a lot of money, its just not my way. So here I am, perusing the fun craft blogs out there and I'm here to tell you those ladies are insane. Redoing your pantry? Fine, get it organized. But having a specially decorating with ruffles jar for your dog food. You've officially gone to crazy town. So anyway, I also think those ladies are liars. They're all:

"Look at this awesome project I did! I found this china hutch on craigslist for $5 dollars! And everything else was FREEEEEE!!"

Bull crap, people, bull crap. They must have looked on craigslist every day for a year to find that deal. Because believe you me, I look for good deals ALL THE TIME and the furniture around here is nowhere near that cheap. Its ridiculous. Either that or the crafters I'm reading all live in Utah where good deals flow like milk and honey. Because everywhere else in the country, you ain't finding a china hutch for $5.

And really, you'd think I could find something good when the Tacoma/Seattle area has like 3.4 million people. They must just think their crap is worth more than other people's crap. People are pretty weird here. (Yes, me included...)

So wish me luck in coming up with something soon, or I just might be forced to go digging in trash or something to actually find something for a "good deal."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stuffedy Stuff Stuff

Thanks for listening to my cry baby boo boo post yesterday, I actually feel better for writing it so I'm not sorry for doing it. And by the way, those nylons were freaking cute. Like this:

(Except they were white, the white picture you couldn't really see at all. Cute though right?)

Anyway, just a couple thoughts for you today:

*Cleaning my girls' room last night (which was ridiculously filthy, I mean just sickening) I kept feeling like the room was mocking me. Like "ha ha! This sucks so bad for you! And there's still so much more to do!!" *pointing finger at me*

*My girls tried to "help" clean with me, but their idea of cleaning is very skewed. They pick something up, play with it, laugh about how long its been since they've seen it, exclaim "HEY! I've been looking for this for forever!", read books, color. I've seriously failed as their mother.

*I remember doing the exact same thing as a kid.

*They told me probably twenty times "I love you mom" while I was cleaning and I said "Yeah, I would love me too since I'M DOING ALL THE WORK!" Thats why I'm a good mom.

*I took my oldest to the dentist this morning, and I felt sick out of nervousness for her. I hate the dentist. I never want to go there again. She thought it was awesome.

*My mother in law came to stay with the other kids while I took her to the dentist, I was worried that the kids would be bad since they'd been cranky and screaming all morning. She said that the baby didn't even whimper once, and they were perfect. Of course as soon as I walk in the door, they are SCREAMING and FIGHTING and AWFUL. Why do kids do that? (Unless she lied and they were horrible, but from what it looked like, they were pretty great. Even folded laundry with her.)

*Is it as weird for you as it is for me when someone folds your underwear for you?

*A friend of mine stopped by earlier but I was on the phone and didn't hear her knocking, so do you think my kids come tell me? No, they spend a couple minutes trying to unlock the door and then I hear my little girl say "Okay, come in." And I'm like "Ruh?!" (picture Scooby Doo right here) Obviously the millions of times I've said not to open the door, Mommy will open the door has really sunk in. Little boogers.

Okay, until next time. Peace out.