Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dumpster Diving

My husband has been gone all day. Its 2 o'clock and he's JUST getting home. Its like this every Saturday. Do you know why? Because he's the athletic director and he HAS to be at basketball every stinking Saturday. On top of him being gone he brings a huge garbage bag home full of stinky jerseys, that yours truly gets to wash.

His calling sucks. For me.

We got our income taxes last week and I want to get some fun stuff with just a teeny bit of it. You know because we were responsible and paid our car off and any credit cards and we have some left over and I WANT TO BUY FUN STUFF. Dang it. I do. This is the thing, I want to do some fun projects but I'm still not going to spend a lot of money, its just not my way. So here I am, perusing the fun craft blogs out there and I'm here to tell you those ladies are insane. Redoing your pantry? Fine, get it organized. But having a specially decorating with ruffles jar for your dog food. You've officially gone to crazy town. So anyway, I also think those ladies are liars. They're all:

"Look at this awesome project I did! I found this china hutch on craigslist for $5 dollars! And everything else was FREEEEEE!!"

Bull crap, people, bull crap. They must have looked on craigslist every day for a year to find that deal. Because believe you me, I look for good deals ALL THE TIME and the furniture around here is nowhere near that cheap. Its ridiculous. Either that or the crafters I'm reading all live in Utah where good deals flow like milk and honey. Because everywhere else in the country, you ain't finding a china hutch for $5.

And really, you'd think I could find something good when the Tacoma/Seattle area has like 3.4 million people. They must just think their crap is worth more than other people's crap. People are pretty weird here. (Yes, me included...)

So wish me luck in coming up with something soon, or I just might be forced to go digging in trash or something to actually find something for a "good deal."


  1. Maybe this is a bad time to tell you that this morning I decided to re-do my daughter's bedroom. I used these amazing high-end sheets for curtains (black and white damask, found them at goodwill for $2), then painted her room (our neighbor mixed the wrong color and just GAVE it to me), cut my own vinyl for super-cute phrasing on her walls, and made the most DARLING bins for her socks and underwear out of vintage milk crates (with taffeta ruffles, of COURSE!) that my grandma just had SITTING in her attic!

    And I got a new bed, little girl's desk, table and chairs, bedding, new carpet and a teeny little Paris-chic lamp for Freeeeeeee!

    I know, lucky. Right?!

    Good luck in your dumpster. :) Love you babe.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! I had to laugh at this one. I feel the SAME way! I think all those women are a bunch of liars too! :) I never find anything free or cheap either. Man it sucks to be us!
    I REALLY hope you come across something fun to spend your extra money on. You deserve something fun for paying your car and credit cards off! Woo hoo!

  3. They're liars. I need to believe that at a deep-down level. I'm a good Craigslister but NO ONE is as good as some of these women claim to be. So I choose to believe they're lying or I'll be depressed.

  4. Ha! I love that you're snarky about the whole craigslist deal. It irritates me about the whole $5.00 thing too. I honestly don't believe them and who the heck has time to sit there and search every day, ALL day? Eh? Not me! I've got a life!!! Albeit... without a china hutch. Le sigh.

    Btw - what kind of fun projects are you interested in doing? I've got stuffs so if anything falls in line with what you're wanting to do, let me know! (I'm trying to simplify - aka - GET RID of stuff!)

  5. I so hear you about Craigslist, people think their stuff is made of gold. I am still waiting for the deal of the century to happen to me too.
    The best luck I had in finding good stuff at GW was when I was going to school a couple of years ago and had time between classes to kill so I would go cruise the store, EVERYDAY. You have to be in the right place at the right time in order to get the good stuff.
    I haven't tried dumpster diving yet so maybe I could score something there...I doubt it though.

  6. A very enjoyable rant to read. Believe me, our crap in Utah is worthless. I bet Seattle crap is worth more just because all that coffee.

    I have no idea what I was saying. I'm just glad I am not athletic director. I've been trying to get fat just so I don't have that calling.

  7. I completely agree with you, and thought I was the only one who felt this way. Whew. You'll find something. Just keep looking. But maybe go to Michael's or Crafts' Etc. or Hobby Lobby or somewhere. Good luck! Hope you find the perfect thing!

  8. I came over from Mormon Mommy blogs, and I just want you to know that I LOVE dumpster diving too. I love it when a woman can be honest about the frustrations she feels when her husband's calling requires him to bring home a trash bag of dirty jerseys. Honesty is my best policy.


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