Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Shmalentines

I'm not a huge celebrator. I mean I like to celebrate holidays and stuff, but for some reason I just don't go all out. Not for birthdays, or anniversaries or most anything. Really the only holiday I decorate for is Christmas. A tiny bit for Halloween. I feel like my life is just too crazy to deal with the other stuff. And someday I'll be able to do it. Someday.

This is the extent of my Valentine's efforts:

MCP 52 Week Project- Week 7

Yup. Thats it. I did make a nice big dinner and dessert, but the heart marshmallows were the most Valentinesy that I got. What a loser.

I hope you guys had a fantastic Valentine's Day full of conversation hearts and kisses!


  1. I'm so exactly the same! You did way more than I did! At least you had stawberry shortcake... my family only got heart pancakes for dinner. ha ha. I think your heart marshmallows took alot more effort than my pancakes. All I did was add red food coloring and cook them inside my metal cookie cutter! I'm so glad someone else out there doesn't do much for birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries either! :)

  2. Decorations are not truly very important. You are NOT a loser! I love the marshmallows, btw. :)

  3. You are not alone. I barely managed to get cards bought and signed. Thankfully, the kids' enthusiasm more than made up for our lack of.

  4. Conversation hearts are SICK.

    Roses are lame. (And yes, I got two dozen. It's cool, whatever.)

    The best parts of my day were seeing my kid's faces when they saw their valentines from me (heart-shaped bowls with mini boxes of their favorite cereals), making pink crepes, and eating cheese and crackers off a heart-shaped platter with my husband.

    The end. I hate hate hate all the nasty candy. Didn't we just DO this at Halloween? Kill me. And it's so impersonal now, when I was a kid you took them to your friend's houses and knocked and ran away. But now you take 35 of them to school and they aren't even required to put classmate's names on them anymore. BAH. Humbug!

  5. celebrate-shmelabrate.
    Valentines day is really just a marketing holiday. I actually think it cause more "fights" then anything else, because YOU DIDN'T GET WHAT YOU WANTER or TREATED the way you expected.whatever

    when you love someone. you walk the walk and not just talk the talk........DO IT everyday in some small way.

    don't worry about the decorating thing....if it becomes stressful, then it is NO fun.

  6. my husband said we celebrate Valentine's through out the year, so needless to say--I did: nada--well, almost nothing.

    I did give each of my kids a card & one of my fun candy cane hearts. Then I taught piano & cooked frozen pizzas & went to our school board meeting.

    really romantic, huh!!! :D

  7. Don't feel bad about not decorating. Most of the time I bag it. Christmas is harder to get around. When our chillins are little all they do is break and ruin my cute stuff, so in the boxes it stays.

    I think I might, might just do easter, when will see......

  8. Oh I love those marshmallows. My hubby drinks hot chocolate all the time. I should have totally tried that.

    I dont do a lot for holidays (other than firstly Halloween and second Christmas) but my neighbor always tells me about all the little details and fun stuff she does so I've tried this year. Still though I feel like I hardly do anything.

  9. Oh but that's charming - a sweet little subtle nod to the occasion!


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