Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stuffedy Stuff Stuff

Thanks for listening to my cry baby boo boo post yesterday, I actually feel better for writing it so I'm not sorry for doing it. And by the way, those nylons were freaking cute. Like this:

(Except they were white, the white picture you couldn't really see at all. Cute though right?)

Anyway, just a couple thoughts for you today:

*Cleaning my girls' room last night (which was ridiculously filthy, I mean just sickening) I kept feeling like the room was mocking me. Like "ha ha! This sucks so bad for you! And there's still so much more to do!!" *pointing finger at me*

*My girls tried to "help" clean with me, but their idea of cleaning is very skewed. They pick something up, play with it, laugh about how long its been since they've seen it, exclaim "HEY! I've been looking for this for forever!", read books, color. I've seriously failed as their mother.

*I remember doing the exact same thing as a kid.

*They told me probably twenty times "I love you mom" while I was cleaning and I said "Yeah, I would love me too since I'M DOING ALL THE WORK!" Thats why I'm a good mom.

*I took my oldest to the dentist this morning, and I felt sick out of nervousness for her. I hate the dentist. I never want to go there again. She thought it was awesome.

*My mother in law came to stay with the other kids while I took her to the dentist, I was worried that the kids would be bad since they'd been cranky and screaming all morning. She said that the baby didn't even whimper once, and they were perfect. Of course as soon as I walk in the door, they are SCREAMING and FIGHTING and AWFUL. Why do kids do that? (Unless she lied and they were horrible, but from what it looked like, they were pretty great. Even folded laundry with her.)

*Is it as weird for you as it is for me when someone folds your underwear for you?

*A friend of mine stopped by earlier but I was on the phone and didn't hear her knocking, so do you think my kids come tell me? No, they spend a couple minutes trying to unlock the door and then I hear my little girl say "Okay, come in." And I'm like "Ruh?!" (picture Scooby Doo right here) Obviously the millions of times I've said not to open the door, Mommy will open the door has really sunk in. Little boogers.

Okay, until next time. Peace out.


  1. Hah! If I know somebody is going to do my laundry, I hide away my undies. Seriously. I can't cope with somebody else handling them.

    Now that I have kids, I can totally understand my mom's nervous tic she had when she had us clean up our room. ;)

  2. RUH!!!! kids never listen.
    and of course they are WAY WORSE for the parents then anyone else. My grand kids are the same way. Very good for me...horrible with their parents. They are lucky they haven't been put up for adoption or sold on the black market somewhere. (tee,hee0

    No. One. folds my laundry but me. just saying.

  3. ha ha ha!
    I swear you are me in another body and you have my children! How does that happen anyways?

    Yeah - I don't want people touching my undies either! weird! ooo-eee-ooo

  4. I promise never to fold your underwear if you promise never to fold mine. Weirdy.

  5. Yup, it's true kids don't listen, not always. No matter how many times we told our son not to get in the car with strangers, we are pretty sure if they offered a McDonald's meal, he would jump in right away. Thank goodness, he survived into his teen years! By the way, I love your new profile picture and congrats on daughter's baptism. You don't look old enough to have an 8 year old!


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