Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011- Who Know's When?

Time again for my look back at 2011 and give you my favorites! Yay!

Favorite Song:

Its a toss up between Crossfire and Only the Young by Brandon Flowers. I am OBSESSED with these two songs right now! LOVE IT!

honorable mention:
Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes
Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 (oddly those two songs both have Adam Levine singing, huh.)

Favorite Movie:

Kung Fu Panda 2 (I really loved this movie!)

honorable mention:
Sherlock Holmes 2 (I haven't seen this but I KNOW I would love it! Mmmmhmmm)
Harry Potter--so epic!

Favorite TV Show:

The Vampire Dairies

I am obsessed with this show and can't wait for it to start again in January! Whoo!

honorable mention:
Any of the Real Housewives of course ;)
The Rachel Zoe Project
Project Runway

Favorite Book:

I Capture The Castle
I read over 60 books this year, its hard to choose a favorite!
There were a couple series I loved, Gregor the Overlander and Inheritance (which is the Eragon series), I really enjoyed those!

honorable mention:
My blog friend Melanie wrote The List and I honest to goodness LOVED it, it was hysterical, seriously had me laughing out loud and grinning stupidly. It was a fast, light read and I so enjoyed every minute. The ending was fabulous!

Favorite Vacation:
We honestly didn't take ANY trips this year. Not even a camping trip. What a lame year. My husband did take many trips to Washington DC for work and he spent a month in Korea, so lucky for him. :/

Favorite Outfit:
I'm changing this from clothes I own to ones I want ;) I discovered Pinterest this year, so there is a lot to be inspired and want from off there! haha

Yes, I realize these don't really have anything to do with 2011, except that I spent a lot of time coveting these outfits. If I had the money, I would have dressed like this in 2011. ;)

Favorite Project:

(this isn't mine, same idea but picture it in a mustardy yellow)

It would be my favorite project if I could get it to work, but I redid a coffee table into a tufted bench. Except that I've redone the top twice and need to again since Kimball's pulled half the buttons off. This time when I re-do it, it will be PERFECT! :)

Most drastic change:

I cut my hair short again, and dyed it bright red!

Bethany was baptized!

Kimball turned one

new family pictures

fun summer and fall

Peter Pan themed Halloween:

Maddie started kindergarden (Bethany 3rd grade)

Fun 30th birthday for my sister

Kimball started nursery!

my computer crashed and I lost a LOT of pictures :(

Dave was gone for a month in Korea, that was hard :(

Definitely this was a good year, much improved from the year before, I like the thought of every year getting a little better. We grow a little more, we become a little more patient, a little more loving, a little...more. Here's hoping we can take 2012 and make it what we want it to be!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas...I Don't Want to Talk About It...

There are many, MANY things on my mind about Christmas right now. But since today really IS Christmas, I'm thinking it would be bad karma to actually complain about it...right? I mean, just a few know...observations about the holiday, that I absolutely LOATHE right now?!?! (*huffy breathing* and *crazy eyes darting back and forth*)

Okay, you're right. Its wrong. I won't complain about Christmas on Christmas. The only thing I'm going to say is "I don't care if I ever give presents to anyone ever again."

See, there, that wasn't so bad was it?! Naw, not at all.

So to end this post on a slightly more positive note, here's our Christmas letter! Whooey!

Well, I've tried four times to upload our family picture but blogger is a total mo fo and I hate it.(*this was said very calmly by the way*)
Since blogger won't let me upload our actual Christmas picture, this was going to be the back up:

Honestly, we had a very nice Christmas; just the stress of it about sent me into a psychiatric coma and let's face it, I will not learn anything from this and do it next year as well. And however many more Christmas's until someone begs me not to participate anymore. Sooooo...

Meeeerrry Chriiiistmaas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes This is How I Feel

*shuffles in, peaks around the corner, bows head*

Hey guys...

Just a few random things to let you know that yes, I am in fact still alive. I'm freaking out about getting the homemade Christmas gifts I planned, actually out of the planning stage and done. And by freaking out, I mean watching every episode of The Vampire Diaries I can squeeze into my day. And sometimes The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The two shows are surprisingly alike, just based on drama. And sucking the life out of people.

I did get my Christmas decorations up, hallelujah for that.

I was on my period this last week and decided I would be completely happy to have my uterus removed altogether. I don't need it right?! Also, I'm pretty sure whoever designs feminine hygiene products is a man. A big, fat, stupid, hairy man that has never bled a day in his life and has no idea what "absorption" means. Because that crap does NOT work.

You know, kids really are disgusting. You ever walk into a room and see something sitting there and you can't even explain WHAT THE CRAP that is? I have to periodically go in and clean my kids rooms (yes, after they've done it themselves REALLY GOOD--according to them), and it so disgusts me with what I find. Why the crap is everything shoved under the bed? A used tissue wadded up under something? Something I can't even begin to describe? Check. I feel like I should call my mom and apologize for ever being a disgusting child.

I realized the other day that the only time I feel like blogging is when I have something to complain about. Thats bad. So when I was a teenager and my mom would hear me gossiping to my girlfriends for hours at a time and tell me that that was wrong and when I was an adult it wouldn't just go away--she was right. Not that I sit around and gossip, just meaning that I'm a complainer and I like to talk about complainy, whiny things. That those things are the things that I like to think about and talk about and analyze kind of things. Things. There were a lot of things in that last sentence. But the point is that I complain a lot and I guess I don't like that.

I was thinking how awesome it would be when all my kids are in school and how much more stuff I would get done during the day, and then I realized that I would probably be just as lazy as I am now. That wasn't a complaint I swear.

So much stuff to avoid doing...but I should probably get something done before my youngest wakes up from his nap and before I have to pick the other two up from school, at which point everything goes to pot. So yeah...thanks for the little chat...

*neck hurts from talking into my chest that whole time, shuffles away*