Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas...I Don't Want to Talk About It...

There are many, MANY things on my mind about Christmas right now. But since today really IS Christmas, I'm thinking it would be bad karma to actually complain about it...right? I mean, just a few know...observations about the holiday, that I absolutely LOATHE right now?!?! (*huffy breathing* and *crazy eyes darting back and forth*)

Okay, you're right. Its wrong. I won't complain about Christmas on Christmas. The only thing I'm going to say is "I don't care if I ever give presents to anyone ever again."

See, there, that wasn't so bad was it?! Naw, not at all.

So to end this post on a slightly more positive note, here's our Christmas letter! Whooey!

Well, I've tried four times to upload our family picture but blogger is a total mo fo and I hate it.(*this was said very calmly by the way*)
Since blogger won't let me upload our actual Christmas picture, this was going to be the back up:

Honestly, we had a very nice Christmas; just the stress of it about sent me into a psychiatric coma and let's face it, I will not learn anything from this and do it next year as well. And however many more Christmas's until someone begs me not to participate anymore. Sooooo...

Meeeerrry Chriiiistmaas!


  1. yeah, I am glad it is over too. It was fun but enough is enough and I truly mean that, whew

    Your Krissmiss letter is wonderful... I can think of a few people that should re-evaluate their Krissmiss letter options. sometimes TMI is just that TMI


  2. Thank goodness I am not alone in the whole not so Christmassy feeling about Christmas. Is it bad that I told my dear husband that I was considering converting to Judaism or Jehovah's Witness just so I don't have to deal with it ever again. He said no deal, but he did say that he understood where I was coming from.

  3. Snort! At least you're honest. I didn't have such a great holiday season either. Upside: I got a new vacuum. Downside: I got a new vacuum in lieu of the Kindle Fire I wanted because our old vacuum died. Story of my life!

    I love the picture and update letter- gives some quick info but is NOT a brag letter. My folks get a 10 page brag letter from a neighbor every year. We look forward to it because it's a Christmas tradition to read it out loud at our own family Christmas party in stuffy accents while mocking them. Shh!

  4. ha ha...this made me giggle.
    There is (sadly) much lately I loathe about Chrismtas too.
    and I could care less if I ever give another present either.....
    are they really all that appreciated for the time and effort and money spent??
    Just wondering.
    But like the polar opposite I am on a regular basis...I LIKE GETTING Christmas presents (tee,hee)
    Love the card !!!!!


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