Friday, February 11, 2011

See Me in Pictures!

I'm sorry I'm just going to have to brag for a minute here. Because LOOK at this baby:

(My husband's hot.)

My cousin just got her wedding pictures back from her photographer and she sent these to me of my sweet wittle baby. Gosh I want to eat him.

She also had these:

These are my sisters. I love them.

I'm still waiting for the pictures of me and my husband. I hope she adds those soon!

Thought it would be a nice change to see some pictures today. I have a bunch of projects I'm wanting to do but that sweet baby up there has a cold so pretty much all I can do is hold him. Aw well, there will always be projects to do.

Also, day 5 of Insanity down. I'm still feeling insane. It is HARD. My husband's lost like 3 lbs or more, I've lost NONE. Suck. But I feel good, you know, in a 'I should've lost 5 lbs in sweat just in today alone' kind of way. :)

This is the outfit I'm wearing. This is an old picture, but still the same outfit. The only difference is, I didn't tuck the shirt in and I had different shoes on. Both the top and the skirt are from Victoria's Secret. I love their clothes.


  1. He is adorable. But then, so are you! Hey, do you have any pics of your whole outfit? I'm very curious! (And mostly, I need tips.)

  2. I LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing them! I think your family is adorable... and it looks like you have as much fun with your sisters as I do with mine! We are insanely crazy when we get together! :)

  3. You guys are all so fancy and beautiful!

  4. I love your sisters too! Too too too cute.

    Your dress is FAH-BU-LOUS. I cannot look at it enough, and think you're fantastic for not just finding it and thinking it was fun, but for WEARING IT and ROCKING IT! You're braver and cooler than me.

    Your baby is perfection. Duh.

    And the chalkboard idea is GENIUS! Such a fun idea, I must copy it immediately.

  5. First of all, sisters are the BEST. Secondly, I'm glad you are still doing insanity, but now that I saw that video, I'm kinda sore even reading about the fact that you're doing insanity. Do you get 2 off days each week? Enjoy them!

  6. You are INSANE to do INSANITY.
    but one day you'll wake up and find you lost like 15 lbs............maybe

    That baby is INDEED cute. those little chubby cheeks, I just want to squeeze them
    The wedding photos are FUN

  7. You look adorable! Sisters are the best. Good luck with the continuing insanity!

  8. I love Victoria Secret Clothes too. Only on my wife. (Well, and me SOMETIMES)

    Also, that is a cute baby.


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