Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ups and Downs

It was a holiday yesterday. Yup, didn't know if you knew that but it was. We didn't really do anything especially fun, but it was a day off so I'm not complaining.

It throws my whole week off though because it felt like Saturday, so today feels like Sunday--not Tuesday. Funny how in your mind, a day can feel a certain way.

I took pictures of my cousin's baby this weekend, see:

But I learned something afterwards about myself. I shouldn't do photography. I have a problem with asking people to pay me. I don't have enough confidence in what I'm doing, but I can't get better without more practice. Also, I don't like people. Just kidding, I just can get uncomfortable around certain kinds of people. So if I'm having a bad day, its really hard for me to put myself out there and/or deal with people. Not really the making of a good photographer huh?

Also I get really overwhelmed looking at "real" photographers work. I used to get inspired (I do sometimes still) but more than anything I think, I will never be that good. Or I won't be that good unless I can buy a better camera/equipment. Its so stupid. I annoy myself.

You know how someone can tell you something about themselves and its so easy to see how they should change or what they should do? Yeah, except when its yourself its actually HARD to do, even when you know whats wrong. Boo.

Okay, my little wah me party is done.

On the flip side, I had my Relief Society lesson on Sunday and it went really well. I love teaching the women, they are so awesome and participate and share the most awesome insights! It went so well that I felt good the whole rest of the day. Hooray for that!

So how do you guys develop your talents? (Even when your confidence is low?)


  1. I think you did a dang good job on those photos! I especially love the 3rd one.
    I think building confidence is so hard when we want to grow our talents. I think the best way is just to keep doing it until it becomes 2nd nature to us and to ignore the critics. If it is something you love doing, you should keep doing it. Period.
    I'm glad your lesson went really good. My friend Kim taught last week too... was your lesson the Service lesson too? Ours was really good and I feel rejuvinated to do more service.

  2. Put the talents on the blog of course so everyone can tell you how wonderful you are!! (wink!)
    I think the pictures are beautiful - the baby too!

  3. One of the truest things ever said is that practice makes perfect. It's how I get better at writing and I would have thought the only thing that could me better at writing is editing. But it's not. Just doing it helps me get better, even without the editing.

  4. I think those photos turned out great...what are you talking about, not having any talent. YOU DO.
    If you don't feel it is where you want it to be....just practice and do and practice an re-do. It'll either come....or you'll dump it. AND if it doesn't bring you JOY...dump it.
    I gave up on "talents" a long time ago.

  5. Asking people for money is annoying. Even after some weddings I've shot I walk around tidying up my stuff and waiting for someone to notice I haven't been paid. It's awkward!

    What I've started doing is giving them an envelope at the BEGINNING Of the sitting while I'm setting up. It shows their name, and the amount we agreed on over the phone. Then I put any details underneath...like:

    Melanie/Infant Portraits
    30 minutes
    Regular Price $45
    Friend Price $25 (Lucky you!)
    (Thanks for helping me train on infants...I so appreciate it!)

    That way they know you're practicing, but also paying you for your time.

    Does that make sense? And make it a bright, colorful envelope so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

    I think those pictures are adorable and to die for! Also, EVERY photographer has a different style. Don't beat yourself up if your lighting or posing or composition isn't exactly like everyone else's. That's what makes YOU unique!

    I love you Melzie!

  6. Looks like you are good enough to be a photographer to me. Better than most actually. Just don't work at Target. That place kills good photographers.

    I try and develop my talents by putting them under a bushel. Or wait, should I NOT put them under a bushel? What if my talent is making bushels? I'm so screwed.


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