Saturday, May 30, 2009

Death With a Funny Twist

So, I'm really glad some of you guys get my dark humor. (Kristina, when the swine flu first started, I would randomly yell "SWINE FLU!!!" all the time. I love you. Is that creepy? hm) I never realized I had such dark humor until a few years ago when I was at a Girls Camp for the week, and everyone kept pointing out that all my "fun" camp songs had to do with death. And anytime we HAD to do stuff I was sick of doing I would say "Just kill me already!!" So yeah, I talk about death a lot, that doesn't make me a bad person does it?

One of my other favorite sayings? "You're dead to me." I say it ALL THE TIME.

But you know what? I grew up in western Washington. It can be a pretty depressing area, it rains A LOT, its gray and cloudy and we're all a bunch of artsy/poetic/hopped up on coffee weirdo's. The suicide rate in Washington is the highest in the nation, I think I read that somewhere.

So you either cope with that and start joking around, or...I guess you can not cope with it and whatever.

But I do feel bad sometimes when people don't get the humor and think I'm a crazy or something. ("Man, she's MEAN!" "She said she would kill me!" "I think that woman just threatened me!" See, all bad things.) Because I totally get it, but they think I'm a heartless wench. Not what I was going for.

Maybe I'll just rot in...well, you know. (ha ha, right?!)


  1. I TOTALLY get you. You complete me.

  2. OK this IS creepy...I say "you are dead to me" all the time!!! (Do you hear the twilight zone music)? Way to steal my sayings!

  3. I'm a bit like that--but a little more overdramatic than dark.

  4. I totally get it! You are adding creative, color to your expressions. It takes the "BORING" out of descriptive statements!(Don't think about my comment....Just go with it! I give you permission to use it as an excuse if anyone gives you a hard time for having dark humor)

  5. HA! I always say "just kill me now" I love it!
    although I should probably stop saying it right now (the dr may take me seriously) HAHA oh man I crack myself up!

    hugs chica

  6. I guess it's good wishes don't come true --KILL ME NOW and YOUR DEAD TO ME. But I don't think you a sicko. I think your humor is "dead on" and I love it

  7. Good thing I think it's funny because I tend to get the "you're dead to me" one a lot from you...keep it comin'!

  8. I am always saying YOUR DEAD TO ME... and That's debateable... but that doesn't go along with this post! Maybe it's because we aren't afraid of death... I welcome it sometimes...

    BTW you're dead to me!

  9. UGH! Just kill me now already! :0)

    Nothing is worse that someone who doesn't "get" your jokes/sense of humor.

  10. Dark people are mysterious in a way and keep others guessing. That's not a bad thing. ;)

    One of my favorite sayings is, "Just stick a fork in me!" or some random 4-letter word. My kids are used to it but will hopefully grow up normal-ish anyhow. At least we don't live where it rains.

  11. Okay, so that must mean you know the great camp classic .. "O'Reilly is dead and he really don't know it, O'Really is dead and he really don't show it, they're both lying dead in the very same bed, neither one knows that the other is dead!"


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