Sunday, May 10, 2009

And Here's One More For You

I usually take Sunday's off from blogging, but of all the special day's to write about, I think honoring my mom should be one of them.

I struggle with the words to explain my mom, my mind jumps from this to that back to this, and there just isn't a short way to tell you who she is.

She isn't perfect. She doesn't always do everything right. But she is one of the most righteous people I know. She is strong. There was never a time in my life where I didn't know what she expected of me, or didn't think she wouldn't let me know if I wasn't living up to her expectations. She WILL tell you. She WILL ask if you've brushed your teeth, even when you're twenty six.

She's not afraid of anything. If she has to stand up for herself, she'll do it. She understands the gospel, and she lives it. She is an amazing example of strength.

She's crafty, and cute and fun. She's a clean freak and never wastes time with stupid stuff like tv and gossip. She's building an amazing garden and I've never heard her complain about weeding (Ohhh how I LOATHE weeding). She's calm in an emergency--and believe me, I've put her through a lot of hospital trips. I can't tell you how much I need her calming influence.

She may not always be comfortable talking about uncomfortable things, and maybe I had to figure out how tampons work and buy myself bra's--but she did the best she could. If ever there was a person who would lay down their life for me, it would be my mom. And how can I hold anything against her? When she's given me EVERTHING? Her time, her patience, her love, her energy, her ALL!

And somehow, through all of my stages of life, the really ugly horrible parts, she still loves me.

Thank you Mom, three hand squeezes right at ya!


  1. Your mom sounds absolutely lovely!

  2. She does sound like a great mom! What a nice tribute to her!

    Hope you have a fabulous mother's day!

  3. Hey, we do the three hand squeezes thing, too! Happy Mother's day! You deserve it!

  4. fun to hear all these stories about everyone's moms. (my mom never talked to me about "periods" NEVER - she made my aunt do it. Dad explained the "F" word to me, --weird

  5. Hey! I would lay down my life for you...unless it hurt...or I died!

  6. I love this tribute to your mother.

    "I struggle with the words to explain my mom, my mind jumps from this to that back to this..."

    I felt the exact same way this week when faced with describing my mother. YOU did a wonderful job. I however didn't have the energy to make our relationship understandable... as if I even could. Hard to adequately describe a relationship that is constantly evolving.

    Your mother sounds wonderful. How blessed you are to know that she loves you so much. That love shapes us.

    Happy Mother's Day Melinda.

    (wasn't this a long bloomin' comment? sorry about that :D )

  7. My mom still asks me if I wear my, I don't, sorry! Oh, I just love mothers!

  8. Your mom sounds a lot like mine. I loved the bit about not being comfortable talking about uncomfortable things.


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