Monday, May 4, 2009

Thinking Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy... I mean, with Melinda Lassen

This is my 85th post. When I think back on the last 85 posts, I see mostly fluff. Not a lot of deep thinking going on here. I hope you guys know, I do have deep thoughts. The "funny" is because I like to laugh, I like to make other people laugh, and I like the attention. I like to keep things light, because life is hard enough.

But today, I want to ask you what YOU think. I was pondering this weekend while I was away, if some of the teenagers I work with at church read my last 85 posts, would I be ashamed of myself? Not most of it, its just fluffy dumb stuff. But maybe a little bit I shouldn't really endorse about myself, ya know? So, I was wondering, how many of you have people you know personally who read your blog? Do you ever feel like you went too far? Do you get embarrassed when they talk to you about it? How do you handle it?

Please tell me, I'm really wanting to know! Thanks!


  1. I have a lot of people I know who read my blog. There are times I may cringe. My boss recently read my blog. That was awesome.

    Someone today asked me if any of the kids I work with have ever read it, and most of them don't know my last name, so I don't think so.

    I have been thinking more and more about changing the name of my blog. It might be a pain at this point, so we'll see.

  2. I just feel bad if I have hurt someones/anyones feelings. ONe of my sisters recently confessed that I did (I was just trying to be funny but I guess she didn't get it) and that made me feel really bad.

  3. I've never had an issue with it. But my hubby helps me stay in line with what I post. I have him read over anything questionable.

  4. The majority of people who read my blog that I know in real life either A. I knew in high school and therefore never see, or B. family members I only see a couple times a year.

    Plus, I don't think I'm too ridiculous, right? . . . right?

  5. That's so ironic that you wrote a post about this because NONE of my family & friends knew about my blog until a few minutes ago, when I finally "came out" to them. I wrote them an email and let them know of my blog.

    I have a private family blog, but it was so hard trying to keep up with that blog & my family was starting to complain that I wasn't posting anything lately. Well, duh it's because I have two other blogs!

    There's this one person's blog (she's mormon) where she writes about her sex life and sometimes uses colorful language. I don't judge her for that, but I know that other people will.

    I don't think you should always constantly worry if you are going to hurt other people's feeling or worry what they might think because then it would take the fun out of blogging, and it most certainly would stifle you creatively.

    I think bottom line is that you don't want write anything that will come back and bite you in the butt. Like that woman who writes about her sex life. For me, that's private & it's sacred. And who in the heck cares when you DO it?!

    I tend to have reign in my potty mouth (I was so bad before!), but I try not to write the way I talk. You never know when you give a lesson on language and someone recalls you using bad language in your blog. It's a catch 20/20.

    Bottom line, when I write a post, I edit, edit, & edit. It makes me think a few more times before I post it publicly.

    No wonder I get so burnt out from commenting, I write WAAAAAAY too much! That's okay, I love visiting you!

  6. I think thats why it took me a loooong time to create a blog just for me (I have a private family blog that I print out once a year for keeps).

    I try to be funny but I dont have the knack that some people do (winkwink) and then I get nervous that I just offended all my friends so I end up keeping it as a draft forever. Yet when I read everyone elses and they are silly and snarky and crazy I love it and get to see a good side of their personality.

    People I know read my blog and I certainly sometimes think, "Oh I wonder if so and so will read this, I better say it like this". I haven't ever been embarrassed but I have thought twice about it when someone brings up something I've written about. I do get a gut check and think,"Eek, what did I say??"

    Ok sorry if that was a bunch of word vomit, I'm trying to type while herding kids to do their chores. :)

  7. No one from my family or everyday life read my blog...that I know of anyways. My husband looked at it once, and my friend in San Diego knows about it, but that's all.

    I guess I just wanted somewhere I could rag on people if I wanted, but honestly, I'm too chicken!

    Just be you, 'cause you are fabulous!!

  8. I'm weird and have two of the exact same blog. One has my kids names and it's private. The other I change my kids names (my first has a unique name)and that is the one that's registered to Mormonmommyblogs.Mostly only the people I know read my blog. It makes me think what I write, but it also makes it fun to tease them publicly (mostly my poor Mom). =)

  9. My goal is to never write anything I'm embarrassed of, anything I'll regret, anything that would hurt anyone's feelings...Oops! There goes all the humor! Seriously, I've created enough e-trouble for myself to last a lifetime. I can't handle any more explaining/apologizing. And I took down my very most popular series of posts just IN CASE the person I was writing about ever got wind of it. But I also don't lie awake worrying about who's reading....

  10. Too funny you posted about that, I was thinking the same thing! One of the young women in our ward asked me why I call my husband homer on my blog. I had no idea that she read it! As I was thinking about my post today, I cringed a little and had to change some thoughts incase some youth read it. Adult? Don't much care...they all know that I am a lunatic!

  11. I think the theraputic value of a Blog is "spilling how we feel" and I doubt that anyone would say something to purposely HURT anyone (and if they do,well they get what's coming to them) My kids will sometimes say "mom, you are goofy" Like they didn't KNOW. I think just continue to write what you feel and sometimes other peoples comments really end up helping us. Really. Like you are probably popping open a Mtn. Dew right now and saying, Damn, that Wendy is right.

  12. You have to ask yourself why you blog.

    I have gone through a few blog ideality crisises. One week I want to get lots of comments and followers. The next I realize I am blogging for my family, like a journal.

    So it just depends on what you are blogging for.

    I wouldn't worry about the topics. I talk about all this stuff in real life so you are good in my book.

  13. This is a fabulous question. Just recently I blogged about a somewhat "hot" topic, then later realized some people unsubbed b/c they probably thought I was vain & crazy. But my next post was spiritual in nature, and one reader was confused that one minute I was all about boob jobs and the next minute I was all about LDS missions.

    In life, anything is possible, at least on my blog. ;)

    But she doesn't know me in person...I think I blog the way I am in life, too. I'm complicated and beyond stereotyping as superficial, vain, etc...which I don't think I am at all.

    I liked the point someone else made: when we blog, we need to ask, who is our audience? I'm an aspiring writer, so a lot of the hum drum "journaling" stuff and kiddie picts I save for my own personal family history book. My blog is a writing workshop and possible future book. It's a place for tossing around ideas and encouraging deeper thought.

    Love your blog. sorry this was so long. Carry on!

  14. I love your attitude and I embrace it as well - I want my blog to be a light spot for people to land. I want them to smile at least but laughing out loud is my greatest desire. Although, I don't always feel "on" I still think I keep it light.

    As for how I feel about those who read me... obviously I have no shame :)

    Actually, I am held the most accountable to those in my household. My daughters read my blog so that is my incentive to keep it clean-ish. I blog honestly about our life but I don't tell EVERYTHING. I have a few family members who read and a friend or two as well. No one has stopped talking to me yet so I think I am doing OK.

    Congratulations on 85 posts and here's to another 85! You are excellent!

  15. Funny you would ask this because after finding out that you had a person, just for you blog I have been thinking about doing one for all of my secret confessions and stuff. You know, like the one about my secret love of tattoos? Would have been a good thing to keep secret. I just don't know if I can do that. Guess I'll just keep on it and hope no one judges me too harshly.

  16. Me again...I really want to talk smack about my kids...say how I really feel. But I can't because I'm afraid they will read it! (MY oldest, the drug dealer)!


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