Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Happened to Your Face?!

On display here is some hard factual evidence. Look at these pictures. I said LOOK--look at them!! DO IT! (I'm sorry to subject you to such horrific experiences, but you'll be a better person for it, I'm sure):

Examine photo #1:

And photo #2:

And last, photo #3:

Okay, now that you can see what I'm talking about, I have to confess. I have a terrible problem. Look through the pictures again, and come back. Go on, look again. WAIT! Don't. I'm sure they're scorched into your memory already.

So, after looking through my pictures, I realized I have two problems (yes, only two...). Number one being there is something severely wrong with my face.

And number two, I need more clothes. All my pictures I have the same orange cardigan on! Even go look at the blogger luncheon pictures--ORANGE CARDIGAN! Sure I love it, but man I need more than one go-to outfit. Sheesh.

And yes, of course, I'm focusing on the shopping problem and not the face one. The shopping one is much easier to fix, and much more enjoyable. :)


  1. You do look super cute in the orange cardigan! I wish I could wear orange.

  2. I like the orange cardigan . . .

    Hey, help me out will you? How do you make your blog have 3 columns? I can't for the life of me figure it out! Thanks!

  3. I think you look young enough to be a college coed and you look really good in orange! Not many people do, well except for me, I look good in orange too. But, this comment is about you and not about how REALLY GOOD I look in orange. :0)

    p.s. My husband calls me the one pants woman because I have these black velour pants that I wear EVERYWHERE!

  4. Lookin' good but I vote go shopping. Seriously, do you need a better excuse? I didn't even notice the same orange cardi until you blabbed. Just buy a different orange cardi! That's what I do...need a black skirt? Keep looking until you have purchased 6 of 'em!

  5. I had the same problem for like a year or more. I literally had 3 shirts that I liked and the rest didn't fit well so they stayed in the back of my closet. I have SO many pictures of me in those same 3 shirts over and over. It looks like I never change my clothes.

    Just last month I went to 2 stores (inexpensive ones) and bought myself some fun shirts (about 8 or so) and about tripled my wardrobe. :)

    I agree with everyone else, you do look lovely in orange!

  6. Interesting------I was thinking 'WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT CARDIGAN SWEATER BEFORE" odd

  7. LOL... OH MY GOSH that is hilarious. You see, I am always wearing black (it's slimming)... anyway, People probably think I wear the same shirt because when I find one that fits just how I like it... I buy a few of them! lol!

    I always am making faces in photos also! You still look pretty though, and that's not fair!

  8. Orange cardigan is cute. Your haircut is even cuter. I wish I could carry off a good short haircut like you!
    PS: Do you visit Target (sales racks) much? Or your local thrift store? Great places for cheap wardrobe updates, IMO. ;)

  9. there's nothing wrong with your face its super cute. and you rock the orange cardigan!

  10. Could I call you Missus Rogers? I'll be your neighbor... (if you didn't watch PBS as a kid then my comment will make ZERO sense).

    And not only do you have an adorable expressive face, you are thin (this fluffy chick could not rock the cardigan).


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