Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy, Busy

*pant* *pant*

Hey guys, I just ran in here real quick, but I gotta go! Go, go, GO!!!

It's been a crazy week (I have lots of crazy weeks, don't worry I'm sort of crazy, so it works), something to do every day. On top of meetings and get-togethers, I've read two books, and I started exercising again! Aren't you proud of me?! My non-existent stomach muscles are screaming at me right now, but still, it feels good. And by good, I mean PAINFUL.

*checking heart rate*

Okay, gotta go! Move it, move it, MOVE IT!

So how's your week been? And how do you feel about excercise? I loved Wendy's post, totally related to it!


  1. YOu know...I thought that we could be friends! But exercising? Seriously? I am so not into that. Are you all skinny and stuff? Do I need to hate on you?

  2. I loved Wendy's post too. I hate the busy, busy times. I am a much happier person when things are slow and easy.

  3. In a world with so little time on my side, I have 2 choices w/"free time": blog or write.

    I chose most nights to write. My waist line and resting metabolic rate (or whatever you call that thingy) would be much happier if I chose the exercise, but then I'm afraid my writing muscles would turn to mush.

    PS: I'm one of your blog BFs! Just realized that now. Awww, thanks. I hope I'm worthy! ;)

  4. I feel really good about exercise! When it's not me doing it.

  5. so NOW I know how you got such a flat stomach---no stomach muscles! I'm going to have to try that sometime . ..

  6. Your "move it, move it" quotes really reminded me of how I say that to my kids constantly. "Move it, soldiers!" I am feeling swamped too, and the blog reading and writing commitment has been tested. Best of luck!

  7. Yes, and I saw you working out. Umm, I'm either totally depressed about the fact that you are super fabulous looking and I have a fat back or I am motivated to do better cuz maybe I might look like you. Depends on the minute.

  8. You skinny minny ---why cause yourself pain when you are so tiny. (jealous) thanks for the "shout out" about my exercising post. Seriously I was HURTING. but, I will not be foiled --onward and forward.
    have a great mothers day you little thang you


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