Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Break Me Off a Piece of that...KIT KAT BAR!

MMMmmmmm, now I want some chocolate...

I'm going to take a break. Yup, a break. I've got a lot going on this next week or so, along with all the normal stuff there's my Son's 1st birthday, a super saturday, putting together my preschool graduation slideshow, etc. and etc. Besides somebody swore at me in my comments yesterday, I think I need to let that simmer so I don't let it effect what I'm writing about. (EDIT: Look at me only seeing the negative! Besides the mean comment, I have to tell you Kritta took over my inbox and left me FORTY FIVE comments!! Awesome much?!)

I think my frame of mind is showing in my posts because the last couple have fallen pretty flat. Hmmmm, let's see if real quick before I go I can leave ya with something funny...

Okay then, the other day Middle Child was looking at the crotch of her pajama pants where they had split (they were homemade and the seam had come apart there), and was telling me how they became that way. Here's how it went down:

MC: "Someone took a knife and cut my pants."

Me: "REALLY?! I don't think anyone did that."

MC: "YES! I remember, it was last night."

Me: "Last night huh? I don't remember anyone cutting your pants with a knife last night."

MC: "Uh huh! They did! And I screamed, like a . . . like . . . a . . . like a GIRL!"

Me: laughing uncontrollably

There ya go, hopefully that atleast put a smile on your face! I'll see ya in a couple days okay?


  1. Wait, someone swore at you in your comments?

  2. Seriously? someone swore at you? that is so not cool.

  3. Now that was a fabulous story. I am going to cry a little not having your wit to keep me company over the next week, so maybe I'll just have to call you (as if you won't be too busy to talk to me).

    Oh, and the girl who swore really needs some typing/spelling lessons. I'll give them to her, along with a swift kick in the head for being rude!

  4. Yeah, I saw that rude comment...what the heck!?! Enjoy your break. (I'm taking one to Nauvoo this weekend for my cousin's wedding, and I'm excited!)

  5. Who swoare at you? That is so wrong!!! Only I can swear at you!!! It wasn't me was it? We will miss you!!!

  6. WHO THE BLOODY HELL SWORE AT YOU. That damn fool, hope they go to hell (tee,hee) We all need a break once in awhile so I'll check on you to see when you back "in business". I probably need a break too as the yard is getting away from me---always so much to do.

  7. Okay, that had me lauging out loud, I swear kids can provide a lot of funny material!

    To the person who swore at my bloggy buddy Melinda, you are nothing but a @#$#$$#@@# and @$$####, take that you #$*@&@)!

    Melinda, hope that brightens your day & I'll still be here when you get back!

  8. I hope you enjoy your blog vacay and that you can accomplish all those bazillion things on your list. Best of luck.

  9. Kids are so darn inventive, are they not?

  10. Sweet. My brother used to tell me I threw a ball like a girl. until I reminded him, smartly, that in fact, I *am* a girl!
    PS: I'm sorry someone swore @ you in your comments. That hasn't happened to me yet, although someone's called me "vain" and "shallow"...yeah. (Like they really *know* me enough to say that??) It hurt.


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