Friday, July 3, 2009


Shhhhhhh, I'm sneaking this post in because my husband is at the store and he's irritated with me.

He thinks I spend too much time on the computer! Shock of all shocks, I know! I can't imagine why he would think that!

So anyway, I'm hurrying to fit this in before he gets home so if this post is suddenly cut off its because the Man is back, got it?

Anyway, I really wanted to post because last night I got to meet up with my blog twin Shellie!! And I hold to what I said about the blogger luncheon I went to, its just like meeting up with an old friend you've been missing, she was so fun and so awesome and I just love her to death!! I want to hug her and squeeze her and call her George!

I really want to be best friends with her for forever. And totally in a creepy stalkerish way.

Also you should know that Shellie is totally gorgeous, she reminds me of this Victoria's Secret model:

oh crap the Husband's home, here's a link to the picture instead!

Anyway in a nutshell, I had a fabulous time talking past midnight, laughing and being around a seriously amazing person!

Thanks Shell, hopefully we can get together again before you leave! I love you!


  1. So funny! Bloggy friends are like chocolate, sweet & delish!

    I was out thrifting last night @ Savers with my male counterpart {aka: husband} and had a thought {brilliant? crazy?} -- instead of a bloggers luncheon I'm going to host a "Bloggers thrift store shopping outing."

    True, it doesn't have a nifty ring to it, but hey, it could work. I'll post details on my blog as they evolve...

  2. I am so jealous! But I'm sort of glad I didn't meet her, because I would have felt bad about myself and her grogeousness, afterwards.

  3. How fun! That is so cool that you guys got to meet each other!!!

  4. Big Goofy Grin on my face! Mel I LOVE YOU! SERIOUSLY! Thanks for being my friend. I had so much fun last night and can't wait until you get back from girls camp. I don't think we stopped talking the whole 2 hrs! It was the best! and I kept thinking "Melinda is so beautiful! and TINY! and FUNNY!"

  5. It's always so great to meet fun 'new' friends that you've gotten to know. I'm so glad you had an awesome time. Twinners for life.

  6. Yeah, I agree with KP. I know too many sweet gorgeous women! Glad you had fun. I laughed my head off at you rushing to post while your husband was out for a sec. Wouldn't it be hilarious to do a whole series of rushed posts that you try and squeeze in when he runs out to the store or something?

  7. Ok, this isn't fair. My jealousy this week alone about blog people meeting other blog people is getting out of hand! Why, oh, why do I have to live in the land of no cool bloggers (other than myself, of course. Right?....right?! Tell me I'm so cool it makes you want to plan a trip to Cincinnati??)

  8. I love that you knew which victoria secret model she looked like. You remind me much of my 17 year old self.... but I digress.


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