Monday, July 13, 2009

Where I use Quotation Marks WAY too Much

I'm still really in "Girls' Camp Mode," so I'm having a hard time coming up with blog fodder. And by "Girls' Camp Mode" I mean REALLY TIRED.

Also not helping my situation is that I'm reading the last Harry Potter book and I've got "Potter Brain." And by "Potter Brain" I mean REALLY TIRED.

ALSO not helping my situation is that I'm on my period so I've got "Aunt Flo" going on. And by "Aunt Flo" I mean I'm REALLY TIRED.

Last night I was so ridiculously tired and irritated and annoyed and impatient I was actually scared. I was thinking inside my insanely tired head that I might need to go to the doctor and tell him that I'm crazy, and I'm tired and I'm CrAzY and what was I going to DO?!

I haven't been to a "regular" doctor in a while, I've been to the baby doctor, you know, in the last year or whatever, but I haven't had a "check-up" in well, let's say it should've happened a long time a land far, far away...(I don't know why I said that, I just felt like it.)

But I think the longer you put something off the harder it is to do. You know, like that pile of crap you have in the corner of your room, its been there so long your eyes just glaze over it (if that), and you never even think about it. So nice!

PLUS, I'm really busy, so I just can't be bothered with that silly stuff... yeah.

What kind of important stuff do you put off?


  1. I've been putting that one off too. I need to get my sorry self in for an annual this summer. I also put off exercise until it's too late in the day to do it. I need to get up earlier. Go get some sleep girl!

  2. Hey, get to the doctor, lady! I put off a repeat mammo for 6 months and when I finally went it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

  3. I haven't been to a regular doctor in probably 10 years. And I've been putting off my annual.

  4. Don't feel bad we all do it, because there just isn't enough time in a family for meaningless nonsense like the doctor, or eybrow appointments, or 45 minute workouts! Ok, I just gave you my list of things I put off. So I could have cancer, scary eyebrows, and a big "behind", but my bathrooms sparkle once a week and my kids are dang cute. What can I say I am a mommy!

  5. I'm with you. I haven't been to the regular doctor in YEARS! Unlike my hypochondriac husband who goes once a month. . .

  6. I put offff.....ummmm....everthing to do with me.

  7. You've been to my house. You know all kinds of important stuff I put off. Need me to take the chillins so you can sleep?

  8. Going to the doctor. I need to make appointments with my regular doctor, a mammogram, an eye appointment and a dental appoitment as we sort-of-speak. sigh (Oh, and cleaning! The piles of stuff in the corners and I are becoming very good friends)

  9. getting a pap smear (fun!) and getting my hair cut. and washing my car & van & vacuuming them as well as my own house. And having a regular shower. ;)


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