Friday, July 24, 2009


Alright already!! Here is your proof that I finished my project!

I did the pink one awhile ago, and I just finished the red. My Oldest is so excited about it, she wants to wear it everyday, but we're saving it to get family pictures done next month! SO EXCITED!

So what do you think?

Next project: hair bows for my sister-in-law's wedding! I can do it!


  1. Adorable. I need to have a little girl.

  2. OK OK!! Can you make my grand-daughter a pink one? I could but you know, lazy and all...

  3. So,so cute! And so, so jealous. Someday I'll find the time to sew again. . .

  4. Those are adorable!! I'm super impressed.

  5. If I tried some of these things I think my boys would mutiny. Crafty little projects for sons? Ummmmmm... I got nothin'.

  6. gorgeous! I've got to get around to making one or two before my daughters get too embarassed/old to wear these. May already be too late for my oldest (sigh).


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