Saturday, August 29, 2009

How's THAT for a Little Mystery

So I haven't been feeling well this week.

I know that's super hard to believe with all my frequent postings and chipper up-beat attitude, but sadly its true.

I am feeling at my limit. With my oldest going back to school (you'd think that'd help, but no), working, a church calling and a husband that's hardly ever home; I am feeling so drained.

Waaah me. I know we all have busy schedules and we all have stuff on our plates, I'm not saying I'm any different than anyone else (except my life is sooo much harder I'm sure...sarcasm people). I'm just letting you know why I've been sort of off lately. And that's the reason.

The whoooooooole reason...yeah.

Okay, there may be other stuff, but I'm not telling. Neener neener. I'll get to it eventually...maybe.


  1. You need to fill "Melinda's Bucket". It looks like it may be time. There is nothing like the feeling of overload. I feel for you and BTW, it doesn't matter if we are all busy and have stuff on our is still our (the blogging world) duty to empathize and fill your bucket.

    Come over to my house, I got ice cream and diet coke and it will fill it nicely.

    loves coming your way!

  2. Are you pregnant too!?!?! Like everyone else in blogland? I just have a gas baby.

  3. I think our hubbies are out doing the same thing. I hope things get easier over there for ya. Are you still workign too on top of all that?

  4. Yeah, I know what's wrong with you. I think Kristina's on to something. Your husband must be coming home SOMETIMES!

  5. Hang in there. At least you don't have gas like Kristina.
    Or do you?


  6. I think you are preggo's too! At least you don't smell like KP!

  7. are you freaking pregnant!

    I'm sorry that you are stressed. I've been feeling that way too 24/7. it totally blows doesn't it!

  8. Ok, I have an idea! We both quit our jobs, tell the Bishop we need a calling hiatus, and send the kids to grandmas. Vegas, here we come!

    Oh, and I'm Chief's sister, "Betty" BTW...I'm not a random blog-stalking freak...usually.

  9. Didn't y'all read her post? Her husband has been can she be pregnant? Do I need to go over the process of impregnation?

    Sheesh! I here for you Bloggyblather, I'm listening

  10. I agree with Betty, come to VEGAS!!


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