Friday, August 7, 2009

Never Wear Silk Underwear...Unless You Like Them A LOT

So I've been vacationing and the last few posts I'd scheduled to go out before I left. This is one of those posts. I could be having a fantastic vacation or I could be having a horrible vacation right this minute...this feels so futuristic...

But instead of the future, I'm blogging about the past today.

When I was younger, like 9-ish, I loved silky underwears. They were bright colors, like turquoise and pink, and man were they silky!

I rode the bus to school. Stupid bus.

One day I was wearing my silky underoos and on top of those I was wearing these stretch pants that had a little skirt attached to them. It was ugly.

It was my turn to get off the bus, but when I stood up the little skirt got stuck underneath me and I flashed my silky drawers to a cute boy next to me.

He laughed really loud and started yelling "I saw Melinda's underwear!! hahahahaha!"

Our bus driver was pretty butch. In fact, if you didn't know better you would've thought she was a man. Her name was even "Terry" like that cleared things up.

Anyway, she yelled at the kid and I felt better.

The end.


  1. Yeah, well I recently got my skirt caught in my garments at work. That was awesome.

  2. But did he admire their silkiness? That is the question. :)

  3. Isn't that funny how you can remember your school bus driver's name??? Mine was named Kent. And he had a farm. With animals.

  4. This week, my 4 year old hung on the neck of my shirt on the escalator at Ikea and made me flash a group of people on the second floor.

    At least your bus driver said something. Our bus driver was oblivious to everything going on in the bus. There was once a group of kids who had a water fight and he didn't notice.

  5. My bus driver, Mr Ashby, lived in the neighborhood and was horribly abused by the boys that lived up and down the street. He was a quiet old man, and I still feel bad about not standing up for him.

    If I had had a wardrobe malfunction I would have never been saved!

  6. I prefer flashing large groups of people at once. Like the congregation.

  7. Hi - I really love your blog. You are one of the most genuinely funny people I've read. Thanks for the laughs.

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