Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blaaaahh the Second

I'm naming my next child that (upward arrow pointing toward the title). But don't hold me to it because I'm really not.

I think I have an infected eyelash shaft thingy.

Whats up with those Scentsy thingies and why are they so expensive? I mean come on, its a light bulb inside a jar, how expensive can it be?!

We got family pictures done last night by this lady, nothing like good ol' family pictures. Where you're secretly fighting with your spouse behind the photographers back, giving each other dirty looks and mouthing things like "you will die" and "I hate you". Its so great.

Did I mention we paid FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for my six year old's glasses?!?!?! Holy crap.

Scooby Doo is seriously annoying. "We can solve this mystery for you, lets go look for clues!" How about: its someone dressed up as a ghost trying to sneak money. How bout that, hmmmm? Do you never learn?!

My sister's going to have a baby Monday, I'm so excited for her!! New little nephew, here we come! Except we're not going down there to see them, so maybe someday soon.

I'll stop torturing you now.

Real posts coming soon.

I think...


  1. 1. The Stye in the eye thing or grandma swears if you rub a piece of gold on it, it will clear up. I've tried it but get ADHD and quit after a few swipes, then I just put a warm wet pack of something on it and it feels much better. (yes, I love webmd)

    2. The Scentsy things suck. Mine shorted out in it's electrical wire thingie after 1 month. They have something at Wal-mart for waaayyy cheaper.

    4. (Crap, I skipped 3, but I'll leave it for giggles) so 4. My husband and I file for divorce every time we have to do family pictures

    not that you asked my advice or opinion

  2. You are so right on the family picture business. We always leave mad at each other and generally snap at each other all the way through. It usually doesn't help that my husband HATES getting pictures done and doesn't want to be there in the first place. . .

  3. I don't even know what Scentsy is. Does that make me a bad Mormon?

  4. That girl is good at pictures! Thanks for showing me her blog! I think it's funny that pictures should be fun and happy, but they really are stressful on people! lol!

    Sorry don't mean to laugh at you!

    and AMEN about the scentsy thing!

    And kids glasses should be free... that's all I have to say about that!

  5. I love your sucinct convenance of information! No messing around! I came up with a Scentsy like product and was in talks with the Home Shopping Network back in 2001. Too bad I didn't want to take a chance! Oh well, I didn't WANT to be filthy rich anyway. By the way- WalMart sells a 'Scentsy' like setup now for a fraction of what they charge and they also sell some pretty decent fragrance bead thingies.

  6. I like Scentsy. And now I'm worried about getting family pictures taken...we haven't done it yet. And I don't remember it being stressful when I was a kid (probably because I was the one causing trouble!)


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