Friday, August 21, 2009


My Oldest had an eye doctor appointment today. Guess how much her freaking glasses cost us? FOUR HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS!! I want to die right now.

School started yesterday. Too bad I work almost the whole time Oldest is gone, so I don't even get to enjoy one less child. Oh well. I can't believe summer's pretty much over, it seems like once school starts there goes the whole year. Atleast we had an awesome summer while it lasted!

I wish I could go school clothes shopping once a year.

I wish my house would stay clean for more than five seconds.

I've had a crazy busy week, and I'm tired. I need a really good night's sleep, and a totally lazy day tomorrow. And Sunday. And maybe Monday too.

I got fake nails while we were in Washington for my sister-in-law's wedding. I think they are like an instant pick me up, they make me feel girly and pretty and yeah.

I got an award from Chief, who I adore. She rocks--I seriously love her. :)


  1. $400!! Were these Louis Vuitton glasses?

  2. This was NOT what I wanted to hear. I have an eye appointment in a few weeks and I'm pretty sure I will need glasses.

    Maybe I could pay $200 for one lens, then trade off between my eyes.

  3. Ugh eye stuff is expensive.
    I haven't had fake nails in a while but they are super fun. I agree with the making you feel pretty stuff!

  4. I am blind cuz I can't afford my glasses!!! I have to get the dollar reader ones at Target! Tell that kid to suck it up and sit closer to the front of the classroom, or in the back...whatever...

  5. I hate it when your money has to go to things like that, it's not like you can tell your daughter just deal!!! It's like buying new tires or when your water heater goes out, you can't show it off like you could new furniture our a new car. yuck.
    Love to get my nails done just hate having to get them redone every few weeks.

  6. You're totally right. Once school starts it seems like Christmas is the next day. It just flies.


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