Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I Learned On the Back of a Motorcycle...

~Motorcycle's can be scary.

~You sure have to trust whoever's driving the motorcycle.

~I trust my dad a lot.

~Once you get used to the feeling of it, motorcycles rock!

~Somehow its really peaceful on a motorcycle, go figure.

~You can still have a life-changing conversation with your dad while riding a motorcycle.

~I look dumb in a helmet.

~45 minutes only feels like 20, maybe.

~I could take a motorcycle ride every day (unless its cold, then I'll pass).

~My dad really understands me, more than I thought he did. And that feels awesome!

~You can cry in a motorcycle helmet and it only gets a little steamy.

~Its hard not to speed on a motorcycle.

~Brush your teeth before you put on a helmet, unless you like the smell of hot stinky breathe.

~I want a motorcycle of my very own!

I'm sure there's more, but for now I think that's a pretty good list. What have you learned somewhere you didn't think you would?


  1. My husband wants to get a motorcyle. Not going to happen.

  2. don't you get bugs in your teeth? and also, doesn't it rumble your thighs if they are full of cellulite? I'm not sure it would work for me, but I might look better in the helmet.

  3. I love riding motorcycles! So therapeutic!

    I learn a lot when I walk on the back road near my house and see the backyards of some of the 80-90 yr-old residents here in my neighborhood. Enlightening stuff.

  4. I like motorcycles I do... I just have a hard time actually participating on them! And don't kid yourself... you still look cute with a helmet!

  5. My husband wants one too. NOT going to happen. For sure.

    That is an unusual place to learn lessons other than "avoid semi's". Your dad must really be a good driver.

  6. HEY, you look soooo sexy in a motor cycle helmet - awesome, especially with the seductive tonge sticking out. Glad you enjoyed that with your dad ---it think it was just being with DAD (more then the motorcycle ride) that was the best eh.
    Now that I have high speed --YAY, I will be able to keep up with your blog my friend.

  7. Me and hubby will both have motorcycles one day...ahh to dream. Actually, that was his secret criteria of marrying me; if I didn't like motorcycles I don't know if it would have happened, haha!!

  8. Funny, I agree also a little scary!

  9. That makes me miss my dead dad! Good for you except the stinky breath part...

  10. Love your funny face pic. Visiting your blog always makes me smile. and lately, I really need it.


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