Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dang You Jiminy Cricket!

You may have noticed I took down my "mom" story. If you were fortunate enough to read it, count your blessings because it is loooooooong gone and its not coming back.

Its not coming back because my sister made me feel bad. (LOVE YOU SISTER!) She had to bring up all this legitimate garbage that made total sense and also made me feel bad.

Stuff like, my mom would be mortified if she knew I'd written it...blah, blah, blah...

And, would I like it if people were writing embarrassing stories about me even if I didn't know it, for the whole world to see...blah...

And, we love our moms' and should respect them sort of stuff...blahdedy blah!


I just have to say, that honestly when I wrote it, it was not my intention to be mean to my mom, but just because I think its a pee-your-pants funny story doesn't mean its right to put up. And since I love and adore my mom and would never want to hurt her, I took it down.

Darn my maturity.


  1. Meh. It happens. It sucks to be mature.

  2. Dang I missed it!!! I can't wite crap about my mom cause she reads it...(e-mail it to me!!!)

  3. stupid sisters...tell her she should shutty and mind her own business;) i like the jiminy cricket reference

  4. I totally understand why you would delete that post. I've often debated whether I should let my family know that I have a blog because I want to be free with what I write and decided to only let a few people that I know personally that my blog exists.

  5. you are so grown up! your mom would be proud

  6. Well, dang, I wanted to hear the "pee your pants funny story"
    BUT only you know your mom and if it would be appropriate or not, or hurt her feelings or whatever.

    Good for you in followint you gut

  7. You didn't know I spoke Sweedish did you---the whol followint you gut thing
    Has nothing to do with my typing skills

  8. Ok well I guess I understand. I thought the story was great, I would not have cared if it was me, but If your mom would be sad then you did the right thing!!

  9. Is it bad that I'm glad that I caught it? Even though your mom would be humiliated if she knew? I'm such a bad person. . .

  10. That's the downside of blogging! I have a very low 'standard of privacy' for myself. However, my spouse is the opposite. It's a hard balance on a blog but at the same time probably a good thing. Mostly. I pretty much decided that when I'm blogging about myself, I can say whatever. When I'm blogging about anyone else in my life, I TRY and keep a higher standard of privacy or get their permission to post before I do. This is why I don't blog a lot about my spouse. I don't want to disrespect him and it's too bad because he is pretty funny. People probably think he doesn't exist when reading my blog because I don't say a lot about him.

    I think I read the story. It was a good one!

  11. How much does it suck when your MOM reads your blog...just move and don't tell her.

  12. I want to darn your maturity too b/c I totally missed it. Darn it! (there, I did it)


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