Friday, October 23, 2009


Its Friday guys. FRIDAY. That means I have until Tuesday to get everything I need done before my mother-in-law gets here. Oh Lordy, help me! I think I just may be able to get it decent before that time, but man in the mean time I'm freaking out! Besides the fact that I need more boxes. If you see a lady rummaging around behind the gas station, its just me looking for boxes. Its okay.

I finally got up the nerve to ask for help though, you know to someone besides my husband who doesn't really help anyway. I don't know why its so hard, but I just feel so weak to have to ask someone to help me. Stupid I know, but thats how I feel. So my kids are going to play at a friends for a little bit while I pack up my kitchen. I'm just hoping the little break away from each other will be good for us. Because at this point everyone in my house hates each other. My kids are bored, there's nothing to do, mom's busy packing, so they get into trouble and are naughty. Lots of yelling going on here. Its fantastic.

I signed up to bring chili to our ward cook-off thing next tuesday. Why did I do that? All my cooking stuff will be packed away by then, I'll be leaving a day or so after that, why do I feel the need to over-extend myself? Its so stupid.

Okay, I'm done talking. Great on you for reading all this, since I know its super up-beat and happy. Can you tell I've hit my limit? I'm tired and I'm sick and I'm overwhelmed and I HATE PACKING. Okay, gotta get back to work, enough whining.

p.s. Do you guys watch America's Next Top Model? Because I am LOVING this season with the "petite" girls (i.e. SHORT). I totally missed my chance, I'll never be a top model now! waaah! Anyway, ANTM and Bejeweled Blitz are my only escape from reality. Bless them.


  1. isn't the new bejeweled blitz the best thing in the world! I love that you overextened yourself. because I do the same thing! I wish I could be there to help you. all I would do though is sit in your kitchen and try to distract you by throwing a bouncy ball at you though. i'm sorry I haven't been around. my brains have turned to mush with all the effing babysitting. i love you though!

  2. You can go to Costco and buy some Chili (no one will know)
    Yes, packing sucks, I still don't know where you are going. Is it a surprise and you are coming to live by me!!!!!!
    It is normal for everyone to be yelling right now and hating each other. Normal Family (tee,hee)

  3. he hell do we do that? You now, offer to make CHILI FOR THE WARD DINNER FOR HELL SAKES! K....this is what you do.... go to Albertsons buy a few different kinds of canned chili and throw it in the crok pot and then add some diced onions VOILA!

  4. I like Wendy's idea. Go buy some. Or, if you're like me, just blow it off. I know. I'm a horrible person.

    Okay, best place for boxes. If you are near the Ross in Orem, and if you go in the morning there is usually a stack of broken down boxes on the ramp behind the building. Or, if nothing else, there is a cardboard dumpster there as well. That is where I got all of my boxes when we moved from Orem.

    Good luck!

  5. yup packing is hard and the little ones are in the way!!!

    The liquor store has lots of boxes!!! It's ok you don't have to drink what's inside to use the boxes!!! Just a thought!

    Good luck with the mother in law hope you have things under control!!

    I agree with my mom just buy the chili you don't need the extra stress!!

  6. You should TOTALLY go get the Liquor Store boxes if for no other reason that to see the reactions of the ward members who pack up the truck. Tee Hee! Imagine how you could go out in a blaze of infamy!

  7. I started slowing down on signing up for stuff to bring to my ward parties. We have a ward trunk or treat later this week & I didn't sign up for that, either. But I'll bring plenty of candy to make up for it. I promise.

  8. Did you buy chili? Didja? Inquiring minds want to know. I totally would have just brought canned chili.


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