Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watch Out for My Broom!

Kids have a lot of toys. I'm fairly positive that toys breed, because I never buy toys, but when I go in my kids room, there are TONS of toys. Its insane. Where did they come from? Why don't they leave? Don't they know they aren't welcome here?

The other problem with the millions of toys, is that my kids can't/won't possibly put them all away. So they're everywhere, all the time. I hate it.

My solution? Whenever I sweep up the floor, whatever's on the floor goes in the trash can. You should see my kids scramble when I bring the broom out, all of a sudden they're diving to the floor trying to save their favorite toys before mom can sweep them into oblivion. Its awesome. A two in one, the toys get put away and my kids get some excercise.

So, how do you keep your kid's toys in check?


  1. I love that your kids know what the broom means. I need to train my kids to recognize that!

    My hubby totally throws toys away. Only he doesnt ever tell the kids. He'll just pick up the living room and throw away anything on the floor. It drives me crazy still sometimes because he'll literally throw away a toy that is $10 or something. I dont mind if he does the small things with a million pieces so we've keep having to compromise.

    In fact one of our compromises was to get our two small toy boxes (they're whicker so they look nice in our living room) and all the other toys went into storage boxes. Then when we actually open up a box to retrieve a toy or two they think it's christmas.

    However just a word of caution if you try this. I put the big storage boxes in their closet. It only took like 2 weeks for them to figure out what was inside and one night after bed I found out htey had dumped them all out. So not fun for me. Now I have them out in the shed.

  2. Exactly the same thing. If I get a hold of it, consider it landfill material.

    I will never forget the time they poured out the big trash can outside, looking for their bin of Legos.

    If it is something expensive, or homework, backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes, etc.... It's $1 for each item. Works like a charm, but my kids are a bit older. Feel free to use my strategy in a few years.

  3. By my kids, I mean my husband. I just withhold sex.

    (OK, that's not true. Sometimes it's tempting, but not true.)

  4. I take the garbage sack in their rooms and say you clean it or I will. I do it to my 25 yr old!!!

  5. I threaten to take things away. And then, when my kids are at school I go into their room and get rid of broken stuff and worthless McDonald toys. They never notice. . .

  6. Totally brilliant idea, which I am going to steal when my kids get old enough to care.

  7. We keep some toys out in a basket. All others are tucked into our closets and garage in organizing bins.

  8. That's a great idea Melinda. Toys can certainly be a problem but since it was like --a millenia ago---whenn my kids were little, I don't remember how I solved the toy problem.
    BUT - when they get to be teenagers ---I did this to my daugter once *visit her blog at*----anyway, she'd never put her cloths and stuff away, so I'd just go in and BAG IT ALL UP and take it over to my neighbors. She had to "earn" them back. Was kinda fun to see her freak out.

  9. I've NEVER bought Legos and yet, my son has a bunch of them. Sigh. I feel your pain- sometimes literally in the middle of the night on a bathroom run when I FIND those toys with my bare feet.

    We have spent some time decluttering toys but we need to get rid of more. It's a constant battle.

  10. We have two toy zones that I go through regularly. I wait until they leave the house and de-toy their collection. THEY NEVER EVEN KNOW.

  11. Not funny mom I was so mad, do not do this to your children!!!!!!!!!!!

    I throw away toys when kids are asleep, usually before holiday's and birthdays.

    I have to agree to many toys and I don't buy any of them!!!!!!!!!


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