Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothin'. Blank. There is no thoughts in my head.

I keep starting sentences and erasing them because nothing is sounding right. Poo. I hate that! I'm about to erase this one too...

Instead I think I need a good laugh. The other night we were watching Leno, and he had on there Youtube video's done right vs. the same scenario done bad. Anyway, one was where a kid right at the buzzer threw the basketball all the way down court and made the basket to win the game!!! WOWEE! Here's the other one:

Oh my gosh I could rewind that over and over and over. Thats hysterical.


  1. You are so cruel, laughing at something like this. I only chuckled. A lot. Loudly.

  2. There is nothing funnier than someone falling on there Arse

  3. That is awesome. I'm sending that to my husband right now. . .

  4. Hahahahahaha, okay so in the movie While You Were Sleeping (love it!) they show this paper boy on his bike in the middle of winter delivering his route and all of a sudden his bike slides on the sidewalk and he falls over. HYSTERICAL! I can't not laugh even just thinking about it, haha! I'm mean.


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