Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vent, vent, vent...

I am annoyed.

I was in a pretty good mood today, but as the day goes on, the more annoyed I get. Do you ever have days like that? Where you are so bothered you can hardly see straight?

I'm sick of people.

I'm sick of shallow people.

Don't get me wrong, I'm shallow. We're all shallow. I'm just tired of people who are supposed to be living a certain way, and act like they are, turning around and being "worldly". This isn't going to make any sense, and I probably sound so judgemental but thats not what I mean. And its not like these are people I don't know, these are people I've known for a long time.

Have you ever had a friend that says they're poor? But every time you turn around they're buying crap, and not just any crap, like shallow stupid crap?! Thats their business to buy whatever they want, but don't walk around and be like "sorry I can't donate to that because I'm poor...oh but you want to get pedicures--LET'S GO!" So frustrating!

I've just been feeling so beaten down lately. Like my whole faith in humanity is failing, because there are so many people around me who are living fake lives and its so hard to watch. I understand that its their choice to make, but why do they have to throw it in your face like you should be jealous?! I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it being like high school and a stupid popularity contest. Who cares if everyone likes you? Why do people have to be fake and act a "certain" way to impress people, so stupid!

And I'm REALLY tired of the STUPID road work going on in front of my FREAKING house! Sheesh.


  1. Ummm, I had a friend who did that poor thing and it ultimately contributed to us not being friends anymore. It was one in a long line of problems, but she said that she was too poor to contribute to a bridal shower. I had offered to pay for it several times, and she told me three times she would help pay.

    She then sent me a super guilt trippy email about how poor she was. Fine. Until she started posting on her blog about the new office furniture she bought, the fabulous facial and manicure she had, all the dinners and movies she was going to, etc. It did not bode well.

  2. I think it is crazy that we all know someone who does this (the we are poor thing). I have clients try to do this to me all the time. Cry poverty so that they can buy their fancy vacations and cars or dumb stuff.

    The worst hypocritical thing I hate though is when someone acts like their are appalled at any sort of dishonesty from everyone else and then has no problem lying to get out of helping with a church function or telling their kids to lie for them to get them out of school.

    I think we all have some of this in us, but people like you and I are more straight forward, take it or leave it kind of gals. Nothing to hide but our dirty laundry. BTW mine is out on the kitchen I guess I'm not even hiding that this week.

  3. last week I was talking to someone who was flaunting something new (this was something that I really wanted, but due to our budget, we decided that we couldn't afford.)
    Oh, did I mention that this person owes me $$$?

  4. Oooof. That's very frustrating. I hope you feel better soon. Some days I need a good vent like this to get it all out, though.

  5. honestly is it bad to say I think its a utah thing??? I know thats totally wrong to say. but i can actually feel the competition and the high school and the need to be better when I'm in utah. outside of utah (even in mormon dominant Idaho) I don't feel it even 1/4 as bad.

  6. For what it's worth, you're very deep and we all like you more than you can possibly imagine. Since I, too, am deep, and equally annoyed by the "my stuff is cooler than your stuff" game (a game in which my in-laws are professional athletes), I am so feeling your pain.

    If they only knew our little secret. We really don't care. Period.

    And lastly, I have zero faith in humanity. I like to save my faith for you know who.

  7. I think that sometimes I accidentally find myself in the "I'm so poor" category, only to buy a laptop. . .

    But really, it does bother me when people make such bad choices and are living fake lives. My in laws are the champions at ignoring those fake lives and praising their family members to the high heavens. It kind of drives me nuts.

  8. Yes, I've had issues myself these past week with people...shallow people. For me this is the year for blow ups and burnt outs on the friendship frontier and let me tell you, it's not good.

    So I'm turtling up more and focusing on my family, my writing & my new church calling (Primary President, which I tell my non-LDS friends is the equivalent of PTA president).

    Ahhhh, life is rich. I just need to remember that more often. (sigh)

  9. yicks!!! I hate days like that!!!

    I hate when people say they don't have money but do!!!! just don't say anything.


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