Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh snap! I just had a post almost done and stupid blogger just deleted it! Crappy!

Well, the point of it was this:

I want to paint our old jenny lind crib, it looks like this right now:

And I want to paint it turquoise. Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

I'm totally into these colors, and this look right now:

Isn't that just so fresh and pretty?!

I decided I was going to go through all my old magazines (mostly Better Homes & Gardens, and Family Fun) and take out all the old articles I wanted to save and put them in a binder to refer to when I finally get to actually decorate something. But since I've probably gone through atleast fifty decorating magazines, I REALLY want to decorate!!!

Can I come to your house and re-decorate for you?


  1. yes, but you have to clean up the place first

  2. Way cute room!!! Go for it honey...paint away! I would help ya if I could...:(

  3. 1. I think it would look awesome.

    2. You can come to my house and redecorate any time you want!

  4. I think that will look great! The Jenny Lind is a classic- that color will update the look nicely.

    I actually got to buy a new home decor item this weekend. Get this- my SPOUSE says "Honey, those pictures of the kids in the living room are so old, you should get something else to put there. Why don't you go out and buy something?" I was out the door before he could finish the rest of what he wanted to say. Woo Hoo! I love decorating!

  5. Are you kidding?! I'd love for you to come and decorate. I hate painting but I need some serious COLOR in my house!

  6. Hey my mom does that and it's a great way to keep your idea's ready when you need them.

    I say paint away sister you'll love it.

  7. Do I still have to pay for everything if you come and decorate for me???

  8. I love those colors!!! go for it. Be brave and outlandish. The crib will look awesome redone --ah, are you prego??
    Hey, I have to pick your brain---how do you get your blog list to show how long ago someone updated their blog. I wanna do that and don't have a clue?? Tell me please --email me. It is very cool.

  9. The splashes of orange are delish. A turquoise crib would rock! (We never used the crib we used to have but if it was turquoise I just might've kept it around to store stuffed animals & pillows & such). Fab decor ideas, mama!

  10. I love the oranges & yellows! And heck yeah! Come on over!


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