Saturday, September 19, 2009

Take Away My Junk

I really want to move. REALLY bad.

So in order to do that, there's a LOT that has to happen. First thing up, we're having a garage sale. Hopefully next weekend.

The problem with that? My front yard looks like a couple dinosaurs came through and had a knock down drag out fight. (Its tore up.)

Would you still go to a garage sale even if there was caution tape and orange cones blocking the sidewalk (which isn't a sidewalk anymore, just dirt)? I'm just hoping enough people will take the chance so we can get rid of our couch, a couple dressers and a whole lot of GREAT crap!

De-junking makes me feel creative though, I really want to sit around and make hair bows and aprons and paint stuff.

If I was really good, I'd do both. But I'm not. Oh well.

What do you have on your to-do list?


  1. First and foremost for the next 2 weeks, I will not physically abuse my children while their dad is out of town. OTheer than that, I don't have much of an agenda.

    Yard Sale people don't care what your yard looks like. They may ask if they can buy your caution tape for a nickel though

  2. Oooh, this is so fitting. I'm working on an essay on "Shedding" aka: dejunking...not just my garage but my entire life. I'd just like to fast-forward through all the sifting, box digging and sweaty afternoons...

  3. I've had a yard sale on my list since April. It looks like it will be happening sometime next June. . .

    One bit of advice: when trying to move large pieces of furniture, you might have better luck listing it on Craigslist and KSL than at a Yard Sale. Just something I have learned in the course of my 8 moves. . .

  4. Just had our garage sale on saturday, did pretty good.
    Wish you luck

  5. To-do list? Oh...let's see...hang-out at the hospital and mourn my Cougar's loss!!!

  6. I can't stand to hang on to my stuff long enough to have a garage sale. Seriously, if I'd just wait a few month I'd make SO MUCH MONEY.


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