Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay, okay okayokokokokay OKAY, I am FINALLY getting around to blogging! Its been forever, have you all forgotten about me? I wouldn't blame you, I've been a horrible blog friend as of late. :(

Its hard to blog now, besides the fact that I'm using an incredibly ridiculously slow computer that freezes up all the time, and that things are different and crazy, I also have my mother in law here ALL THE TIME. So I feel like I'm being watched! Or I just feel stupid being on the computer, its dumb and weird and well, thats just how I feel. Also, its hard to blog because by the time I get done catching up reading all your blogs, I've been on the computer for an hour and am freaking exhausted. Stop doing that! Sheesh.

So anyway, I guess I should let you all know how things are going...right? Do you want to know? I'm feeling very insecure about this! Things are not really at all how I expected them to be, not that thats bad (its HORRIBLE! j/k!), its just different and I'm trying to adjust. But the friends and family and old friends thing just isn't the way I had pictured it. So I feel a little lonely, and a little bit of a pity party for my myself since everyone gets to go on with their lives while I've put mine through total upheaval. Poo.

Enough of all that, whats been going on...well, my husband got a seasonal job, at See's Candies no less, it will be a magical Christmas filled with yummy sweets...And he took his first test with the Army Guard, he did great and got a high enough score to do what he wants with them (which is military intelligence). He takes his language test on Monday and we're really hoping and praying he does REALLY good on that one, its important. He'll probably swear in on Monday or Tuesday and then we can FINALLY find out when he'll leave for basic training.

I mostly just fantasize. Yes, I can admit that I have a fantasizing problem--it's really not that big of a deal guys! Mostly I fantasize about apartments or houses, basically moving out of my in-laws (I don't want to sound like its horrible here, I just want to live in my own place yo). So I frequent a lot of realty websites, just fantasizing when/if we can ever own our own house...hmmmmm...

Okay you're losing me, I better get going before I slip back into fantasy land! Miss you guys, I'll try and be better--promise!


  1. Oh Melinda, I KNOW changes can be so hard. I have NO friends here either -Nadda, well, aside from my best high school friend but she lives an hour drive away and that sucks.
    (can I say sucks)

    It WILL get better (once you get out of MIL's house) I know she is probably wonderful and you love her of course, but everyone needs their OWN space!!!!

    I hope hubby does well with all his military tests and all. Sounds like you guys have big adventures ahead of you.

    don't forget, you will always have us bloggy friends.

  2. Try to remember that changes suck but they are really the only thing that keeps us going...fer real. If everything stayed the same we would gain nothing. Pretty soon this will seem like the new normal (just when you get ready to change again) and you will wonder how it is you ever lived any way else.

    Stop by and visit when you can, but I will always be around even if it is hardly ever. Does that make sense?

  3. You are so amazingly cute and awesome, you will be back to your normal self in no time. I really hope things work out with your husband!

  4. Mmm...See's...

    Oh right that wasn't the main point of the post. Just the one that stopped me in my tracks.

    National Guard, military intelligence? How about dentistry? My sis is a hygienist for the Navy and has managed to stay completely out of combat. I like that in a military job. Still I'm mighty grateful to all the people (like my bro and your husband) who are willing to do the dangerous stuff to keep us safe.

    Living with MIL. Um...can I go back to thinking about See's?

    Kristina's right though--you are amazingly cute and awesome and you will be back to your normal self in no time.

  5. I feel your pain. I lived with my in laws for a year (a year!) and while they were so nice and welcoming, and loving, I pretty much hated every second. I hope things get worked out and you get settled soon. Moving somewhere new is never fun. Good luck.

  6. I say just live in bloggy land. More fun!!!

  7. Hey...who is this girly who showed up on my followed blog feed (or whatever the heck that thing is called)??? I do miss your posts, but I think you have good reasons to be slacking in the blog department. If you survive living with your in-laws (no matter how awesome they may be) you will be one of the most amazing women I know (even though I don't know you IRL)!

  8. Oh dear, you are indeed in a pickle of a situation. Hang in there! Hugs!

  9. I want you to know I think about you all the time and wondering how you are doing with your move. Hope less feeling like Poo is in your near future.


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