Monday, November 23, 2009

Why Men Are Dumb

So I was thinking the other day in the shower (its where I do all my best thinking--no, seriously) how unfair the difference between men and women are. As a teenager, and really now too lets be honest, I was a total romantic. I would daydream about the boy I had a crush on all the time, I would spend tons of time imagining what it would be like when we got married or picture him thinking about me just as much as I was thinking about him...sickening I know. Now, the sad realization hits me:

Men don't think about us, nearly as much as we think about them.

Those jerks.

And I don't mean that they don't think about us at all, because they do, they think about what we're going to make them for dinner, or about what we asked them to do that day, you know, stupid kind of stuff.

They don't sit around on their breaks at work thinking how soft our skin is, or how pretty the gold specks in our eyes are, or how they would just die if they couldn't be with us...sigh

And that is why I love Twilight, because Edward is a girl and says all the right things a girl wants to hear. I need a little more girl in my husband and a little less sports addict. :)


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! Soooooooooo true! That is the reason why so many women love Twilight, Edward is the kind of man all women want men to be. Did that make sense?
    Maybe if we can get them to read it, they will take notes and be a little more "girl"!

  2. Uhm.....have we figured out that Edward is a character in a movie? And that there's NO MAN in the world that's really like that??

  3. Come on, you know they sit around and think about us. And our boobs.

  4. And Edward just perpetuates the fantasy.

  5. I've been having this conversation with my co-workers, who can't understand why Twilight has captured the imagination of people who can no longer be called "tweens." This post confirms it.

    And I know you'll all hate me for saying this, but Edward sucks. You want a real vampire fantasy? Check out Bill in 'True Blood'.

  6. My husband must be a girl....I really hit the jackpot!!! He is loving, kind, helpful, and he calls me every day just so he can "hear my beautiful voice". Except, he is TOTALLY a guy when my modesty becomes a little bit substandard during our evenings at home. Then, he becomes all man, pumped full of testosterone.

  7. exactly...

    I could go on and on about why but I don't need too ~sigh



  8. I second Annie. My hubs thinks about my boobs... and all things naked.

    Just sayin'

    And I'm a Jacob Fan!!! He BEGGED her to stay... BEGGED... sigh.

  9. true dat

    the other day when chad and I took the kids to a bouncy house I was like what are you thinking about thinking he would say "oh I'm having so much fun hanging out with my beautiful family" cause thats what I was thinking... but instead he said "your boobs"

  10. Funny!!! Oh they think of us But it's more about what's behind closed doors!!!!

    I love New Moon!

  11. That is a cute post --and quite true. We are just wired differently.
    and I'll second Shelle on I was always a Jacob fan --I am convinced Edward is Gay --no man is that perfect and straight.
    Jacob was more raw.

    and ya know what ---perhaps they think about us a little more then we think they do ---they just don't know how to "express" is.
    I know my new hubby is awesome. He just stares at me and I say "stop starring at me, you are making me nervous" and he says, I just want to absorb "more of you"
    isn't that sweet. He is 61 and I am 58
    true love never really dies..........sometimes it smolders and you need to blow on those flames a little to get them blazing
    Make you relationship with your hubby BLAZE


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