Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas and Some Other Things

First up, Christmas was very nice. We ran all over Tacoma and Seattle and I was exhausted but it was a really good day. You know, besides the ridiculous amount of presents we got; by the time we got home there were literally toys crammed into our van, falling out when the door opened. It was insane. Don't get me wrong, of course I appreciate it and of course my kids loved it, but no one needs that much crap. And I don't want to have to find a place for it all and the clean up was crazy. So I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine. Just less crap filled.

So now that I've updated on Christmas, I can blog about what I really want to blog about. And that is: nothing. I have about four ideas I've been working up in my mind but the thing is I am SO freaking TIRED I can't properly formulate them. I would like to know when the night will come that I am not woken up by a screaming child wanting me to hold them, or nurse them or rub their back...EVERY night. I'm also not very smart, because I haven't been going to sleep until like 1am most nights. I just don't get why I'm so tired...

Also I just wanted to throw out here that I hate those blogs that you have to click a "read more" button to actually read the whole post. Do you know what I'm talking about? It is SO ANNOYING. Why yes, I did come here to actually read the posts. So why do I need to keep clicking this stupid button to open up the whole thing? Then if I missed a post, I have to read the first one, click back to read then next one, click "read more" to read THAT one--when all I should have to do is scroll down. Dumb.

Hey guess what? My 8 month old is pretty much walking! Isn't that crazy?! It is so cute to watch his little legs carry him across the floor. Gosh I love him.

Also, I'll be back in a day or two for my wrap up of my favorite things of 2010!! Are you STOKED?! You should be. You should be.


  1. Glad you had a nice Ch...Click Here to Read More.

  2. I HATE the read more blogs. Read more? No, read LESS because I am done with you. Can't wait for favorite things! Oprah has nothing on you.

    Glad your Christmas went well.

  3. The "click more" blogs bug me too. Seriously, I just went to all the trouble to click to get on that page, and now they're expecting me to use all of the energy to click again?
    What if the post isn't worth the extra click? I then still feel obligated to read it anyway because I don't want to waste a perfectly good click, then I need to click again to go somewhere else....
    All of this clicking, WHERE WILL IT END?!?!?!?

    Actually, the second click bugs me mostly because it takes so long for my computer to load each page, and it's just more wait time for me.

    Yes, I am impatient, why do you ask?

  4. Let's boycott! I'm with ya!

    "No more 'read mores', No more 'read mores, No more 'read mores'!

    Typing 'more' that many times makes me wonder why it's spelled that way. What a dumb word! Sorry - that was a tangent.

    I can't believe your 8 month old baby is walking! That IS crazy! My boy didn't feel the need to be mobile until he was 15 months old!

    Glad you had such a nice Christmas!... and make your husband get up with the kids tonight so you can get some sleep. You might as well go on strike in that department too... well, at least for one night! Except maybe the one that needs to nurse. I guess he can't do that.

  5. Ok, I read your blog post, and laughed. But I don't have much else to say. Except, you are pretty much the only person who has been commenting on my blog lately. So, I feel like I need to comment on yours.

    Oh, I do have something else to say, I also have not been making smart decisions about bed times. I'm so stupid, I was thinking to myself, "Oh my gosh, I'm so stinkin' tired, what if I'm pregnant again already!??!" When, maybe I should just go to sleep at a sane hour.

  6. I've been a total flake all through December with blogging. I have tons to blog about and no energy to do it so I 'feel your pain'.

  7. I am SO STOKED. Seriously. I can't wait for your favorite things. You had an eventful year!

  8. I have way to many toys still lying around waiting for a spot in the bed rooms....

    Can't wait for your wrap up...


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