Thursday, December 2, 2010

Also I Want A Snack, Just So You Know

Its that time again. The time where I talk about Facebook.

For the most part when I blog about Facebook its because something really weird has happened on Facebook because I mentioned something on my blog. For example, this and this.

But this time I'm just flat out complaining. (I know, so original for me huh.)

Why oh why oh WHHHYYYYY do some people have to make every single status update something political?! Ugh!! I don't want to hear your political garbage every five seconds!


Wait a minute---this is feeling repetitive...have I blogged this before?! Why yes! Yes I have!


(Also, I KNOW you can hide people's posts, I just wish I didn't HAVE to do that because people don't get that NO ONE CARES.)

Okay then, here's a new one for you guys: in the last couple weeks I've seen at least three different instances of someone ripping another person apart on Facebook. Like for instance, one person was across the country at her mom's helping her after a surgery, her little brother was up late playing his drums. She couldn't sleep and it was waking up her baby. While I would be TOTALLY annoyed by this, I personally would've just gotten up and told him to shut it. She wrote it on FACEBOOK and said she hoped he read it. And I thought I had problems with confrontation. Yeesh. The other day a friend of mine was mad at her brother for not replacing the milk after he'd drank the last of it. And they had a full on back and forth war in comments. Really people? And yes, she's married. One of the other ones just ripped a lady in her ward apart for something she didn't like and the support she got was shocking. The hate, the anger, the swear words...

I think the lesson to learn here is that Facebook is a powerful thing and we need to use our powers for good, not for Facebook fighting.

I just save that stuff for here, on my blog. Because I am waaaaay more mature than THOSE people. Obviously.

ALSO: if I hear one more person say something about "so much for global warming" I'm going to explode!!

Okay, I feel better now. What do you think people do thats totally dumb? You know, besides harp on people for no real reason.


  1. It's totally the ultimate tool for the passive aggressive.

  2. Kristina stole my line. I think I'm going to go facebook about her right now. I hope she reads it, line stealer.

  3. I've learned my lesson! A family member pressed the LIKE button on one of the Facebook injected statuses and ...well...let's just say it wasn't pretty. Geesh!!!! Now I have Facebook Paranoia.

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  5. Amen on the Facebook rant. And I have to just say - I love your random titles on your posts. They crack me up. I needed to be cracked up today too... so thank you!

    Sorry... I had to delete the comment from before.

  6. So much for global warming.

    *waiting for the explosion*

    *phew* Ok, I thought it was going to be a big explosion! :D Not because you're big, because from what I hear, you're not.

    Anyway, I totally get it about the facebook ranting being annoying. I hide people all the time. And then I complain about my kids being messy. And I stalk people. That's all that facebook is for, right?

  7. This just in: Actual Facebook status' from today:

    Ashley, age 18: Can't you see how you broke my heart? Do you really not understand how your stupid decision would affect me? Just get out of my life!! I can't take this anymore!

    Um, OKAY?

    Alyssa, age 13: MY MOM IS A RETARD. I hate her so much today!! (And YES, her mom is her Facebook friend.

    HELLO? Grounded.

    Jessica, age 25: WHoot I start full time at my new job on Monday, I have to be there at 5a.m. so that mean I get up at 4a.m.( worst part is getting up early) Awesome part is I will be getting off at 3:30 p.m. and have the whole day yay.. Oh and I get weekends OFF baby! Let's party! So excited and i will be working at applebee's also nights and weekends b...ut I like my job there mostly great people... Pretty good money too lol..LOL! This is such a ausum day for me!


    I hate everything lately, mostly because it's winter. I hate everything in the winter!

  8. Yeah, there's a couple in my old ward going through a custody battle right now and it got ugly on Facebook two days ago. Real ugly. Accusations of abuse, etc. I couldn't believe it.

    And for sure I'm tired of the political stuff. So, so tired of it.

  9. Facebook is powerful. My principal brought in a mom that ripped on our school on facebook and he proceeded to rip her and she deserved it.

    Are you okay with sports posts? I've seen a ton of sports related posts lately, and I am partially to blame.

    The people posting political stuff are just baiting people into arguing with them.

  10. My favorite is when people bad mouth their ex and then the ex responds...... nice!!!!

  11. Facebook totally drives me insane sometimes too. The berating of others while hiding behind your status is SO annoying!


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