Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Avert your Eyes, this isn't Pretty

Oh I am going to RANT today. (I rant every post, so whats new?)

By the way, YES, I am still pregnant. I'm pretty sure once I'm not pregnant, these sorts of posts will be few and far between, we can all hope (and pray).

So, ever since the whole Obama healthcare thing started, I've been super annoyed with Facebook. There are a few things about Facebook status updates that completely bug me. I think that political agendas are stupid to put up on Facebook. Its Facebook for goodness sake, people don't get on Facebook to hear your stupid political crap, they get on Facebook to play farmville and poke each other. Duh. (side note: I also don't appreciate super religious status' as well, not that I'm not religious but once again, its FACEBOOK. People are on there to stalk you and look at your pictures, I don't go to Facebook for my daily uplifting scriptures.) It just bugs me. Do what you want, its your Facebook and its your status, I'm just going to be annoyed every time I see your name.

Now going back to the whole political crap, I am going to go bazerk if I hear one more time that if you're on government assistance you are a lazy ass and taking other people's money. I am seriously going to freak out! Guess what? I HAVE been on government assistance, I've been on food stamps, I've been on medicaid, the government paid my rent in February, does that make me lazy?! Are you kidding me?! Count your flipping blessings that you haven't had to be in the position to have to use those programs, its not like I'm having the government pay for me to go on a caribbean cruise and the mortgage on my mansion. Don't be stupid. What a glamorous life I live to be on Medicaid.

I totally understand if you really need some extra help and you're just barely over for qualifying and you don't get help. That sucks. But don't turn around and rip people apart for getting what you were applying for! If you did qualify you would be on government assistance, and thats what you want! So why when you can't get assistance, is everyone else lazy and worthless, just because you don't qualify? If you had qualified, would you then be lazy and worthless? Such a stupid thing to say. And if you were just dumb and made stupid financial decisions, then I really don't feel bad for you. Take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else. GAH.

Alright, deep breath. Sorry for the rant, but I REALLY needed to get that off my chest. Maybe now, with all the relief I can go into labor. You think? Nah, me neither.


  1. I've been blog-stalking you for a little while now, Melinda, but this is a post I had to comment on. All I can say is heck yes! I can't stand having government (especially medical) assistance being equated to laziness. How is it lazy if you work hard at a job that just doesn't happen to offer health insurance? I suppose survival of the fittest would teach us we're supposed to curl up in a hole and die if we have a medical issue and no insurance. Lesson learned.

  2. Rant on Sista'! I am with you!

    Did I just call you "Sista"?! I am reading way too many mom blogs.

    Hey, Paige Davis on my blog right now!

  3. P.S. So as not to sound completely bitter: (I'm not even very pregnant yet and I already hate the world too.) Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and hope life gets easier soon. I think you're awesome!

  4. Every time I read a post on your blog, I love you a little bit more. (Hopefully you don't take that in a creepy blog stalker way, but as a kindred sister soul kind of way!!!) I have views on both sides of the coin for this particular topic. My family has needed financial assistance before, and I have been very grateful for it. But, there are also those people who use their food stamps to buy ridiculous stuff. I'm kind of one of those horrible people who, if I like you, then you can do all the stupid stuff you want and I -mostly- overlook it. But, if I don't like you, and you do one stupid thing, I make a huge deal out of it. Oh my gosh...I'm going to regret admitting this in a public way!

  5. I totally agree. Sadly, there ARE a lot of people who abuse the system. And so it gives everyone a bad rap.

    I have a friend who has been on unemployement for literally 18 months. Somehow, she keeps getting an extension. She only started looking for a job about 14 months in, has been traveling, etc. It makes me so angry.

  6. Ditto to Kristina! I love you more and more and more the more pregnant and crazy you get! :) Let's go for 14 months, shall we?!

    I hate almost everything about Facebook, so you could have chosen ANY anti-facebook subject and I would have agreed with you. Boo to stupid ignorance!

  7. I am currently volunteering in a big way on a US Senate campaign- and *I* don't use my status for political updates. ICK! I get SO sick of the political pontificating (love that word) of my 'friends' who are also involved. Some of them are physically incapable of posting any update that ISN'T political. I have hidden a number of people over that.

    Same deal with the churchy updates. Don't preach to me via Facebook. Everyone knows your religious updates are more about managing your own perception than they are about concern for the eternal souls of your FB buddies.

    But the Coup de gras? When they post something that manages to be both political AND churchy- like some quote they believe shows their political candidate is supposed to be the Chosen One. Yowza.

    See? I'm workin' up a good rant too and it feels great! Thanks!

    PS- I hope you're no longer pregnant when I venture back to this blog again. Best wishes for an easy, smooth delivery!

  8. Just do what I do: stay off Facebook. It's largely annoying and minimally entertaining. I open it up to reply to messages that are sent to me, or to check if you posted any "labor news". But other than that, I steer clear. My life has been much more pleasant since making that change.

    BTW, love your rants. It makes me feel normal for feeling the same way.

  9. I agree no way does getting help = a lack of work ethic.

    Facebook is kinda dumb, addictive, time waster, and like michelle... mildly entertaining... so why do i get on... guh maybe I'll pull a michelle and try to steer clear for a while...

    oh and I thought you might like to read this... its from my sister... i think you'll feel her pain as I think she is feeling yours



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