Friday, April 2, 2010

Its Friday, and Its Random

*I like that the bottom of my socks have an "M" on them because even though I know it stands for "medium", I like to think it stands for "Melinda".

*Just because the juice bottle says "Cran-APPLE" doesn't mean its any less cranberry, I didn't taste ANY apple in there.

*I really hate Comcast, and I miss my old service provider a LOT.

*Why is it if my husband wants two different things, even if one costs more I'll get THAT one because its something maybe I like or I could use too...

*I'm really tired of stupid people. Why do people think they need to spew their opinions all over you when they have no idea what your situation is. I recently had someone I barely know make me feel guilty over medication I might take for some serious pain I've been in. Her explanation was that she's a hippy and thinks people would be better off taking long walks and getting more sunshine. Uhhhhh...seriously? So if I just went for a long walk on a sunshiney day, my back would stop hurting and my rib would magically go back into place? Or if someone went for a walk and sat in the sun, their chemically imbalanced brain would suddenly balance. Shut up. Thats so ignorant.

*Have you ever read "The Little Prince"? Its a children book, when I was in high school we had to do a report on it and I've loved it ever since. So for my boys' room, I painted this picture:

Pretty cute huh?

*Its been Spring Break here this week and I'm so glad I didn't have to worry about getting up and getting my daughter off to school or picking her up or ANYTHING. I did whatever I wanted this week. Which ended up being just going to the doctor a lot, but whatever.

*Ice....mmmmm....all day long I dream about ice...


  1. I loved The Little Prince when I was a kid.

    The "M" thing made me smile.

  2. I was our Spring Break too. Great sleeping in huh? Hope you are feeling good! Love ya...

  3. I like stuff that has an "M" on it, too! (Only, in my case, it stands for Mallory!) And you are an amazing artist!! I've never read "The Little Prince", but that painting is great!

    Also, about the whole medication thing...that is so frustrating. I call myself a hippie, and I prefer not to take medication for things (I still do sometimes) and I prefer the people I love to not take medication (they still do), but I understand when it really helps. My teenage sister recently started taking anti-depressants. As a psychology degree holder, I cringe thinking about her taking them...knowing that she very well may be on them for the rest of her life, because SSRIs are extremely difficult to quit. *BUT*, I can see such an amazing difference in her attitude and happiness (and the fact that she will willingly give my husband hugs goodbye when we leave from a visit...which used to never happen!) that I know it is worth it.

    Sorry for the long, rambling comment. It's just something that I've recently accomplished to be happy for someone -because- they are on medications! It helps me appreciate a lot more people's situations!

  4. Maybe you should have told that person, you barely know, to stick that sunshine up know.

    I read The Little Prince in my French class... Le Petite Prince ...oh yeah, in french. That was back when I knew a little french.

    anyway,I bet it looks great in your sons room as a painting.
    have a great Easter

  5. I hate Comcast. We have Dish Network and have for 3 years. I'll never go back to Comcast, although I may switch to Direct.

    SPRING BREAK RULES! (Especially for us teachers with kids - double the fun.)

  6. I totally agree about cranapple, I never tasted apple in there. Have a great Easter!

  7. The Little Prince is a delightful book. Thanks for bringing it to mind.

    PS: I used to mark my boiled eggs with a "B." My husband thought it meant "B" for Ben (his name). Always got a kick out of that one.

    PPS: Happy Easter!!

  8. Um, just so you know, that M usually stands for Michelle- unless you don't live in my house, then it can stand for whatever you want.

    I love CRAN-anything. Even though you don't really taste the other one much, that cran is just less tart with the help of that anything. MMMMM.

    I've only had cable for the last 4 years out of my whole life, and Comcast is all I've ever had, so I don't know the difference. Enlighten me.

    Stupid people are the bane of my existence. It is so much better to NOT be stupid, however, ignorance is bliss, so maybe if I was a stupid one, I wouldn't feel so irritated by them all the time.

    YOU painted that?!?! I knew we were supposed to be friends! I'm totally inspired to paint something myself.

    We've had Spring break for just this last thursday through tomorrow and I had completely LOVED sleeping in and staying in jammies until 10am! However, I'm ready for my big kids to be back in school- they get so bored at home. What am I going to do with them all summer?


  9. As for the hippie-I so hear you. What's up with people? They need to mind their own business. I am so impressed with your painterly abilities! Wow!


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