Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flip Side


My four year old puts her underwear on backwards pretty much every time she puts underwear on. Which is often because she's lazy and holds it until she pee's her pants. So she changes underwear more than should be normal. And she always puts her shoes on the wrong feet. ALWAYS. Do you think she's dyslexic?

My two year old looks ginormous now. It seriously makes me freaked out. Not only does he feel super heavier than before the baby got here, but his head...HIS HEAD. Its huge. I mean he looks like a handicapped child or something now, his head is just abnormally large. Its hard to look at him sometimes...

My seven year old threw the biggest fit today over wearing her tennis shoes as opposed to her church shoes for school. So huge a fit that she hid in her closet, wouldn't go with grandma (who's taking her to school right now), wouldn't get out of the car, wouldn't go into the school, until my mother in law had to bring her back home. I am so irritated by this, I can't even put it into words. Why are kids such snots? And the fact that she thinks she's going to have fun today?Ohhh she's in for a rude awakening.

The baby's beautiful dark hair is already like two shades lighter! WAAHH!


My four year old is an independent girl who likes to pick out her own clothes and get herself dressed, I don't have to worry about getting her ready ever.

My two year old is acting like such a big boy! He is talking so well, its so fun to hear him come up with new sentences he hasn't said before "I dunno?" or "Mommy? Whad you say?" Its adorable and I love that when he sits next to me when I'm holding the baby, at random times he leans over and kisses baby's head. Sweet!

My seven year old. Grrrr, don't know if I'm over this morning yet. *deep breath* Okay, my seven year old is a good girl, who is probably too mature for her age and is allowed a break down every once in awhile when there's so many changes and hard things going on in her life right now. Maybe her mom needs to step back and spend some time with her so she won't feel the need to have major meltdowns.

This baby warms my wittle heart, I love babies!!


  1. way to try and be positive! We should all do this as a regular feature on our blogs, let's choose a day and do it!

  2. I'm sure she is just as beautiful, even with the light hair.

  3. It's amazing, isn't it? The difference it makes depending on the stories we choose to tell ourselves. . .it's totally normal for your previously youngest to look ginormous. Both sets of cheeks, especially.

  4. Oh man... I have had FAR too many 7 year old emotional breakdowns in my class this year. Take that as a sign that it is pretty normal.

  5. So funny how babies can change so fast!

  6. Since I have been gone for awhile,I had to get caught up on you blog. CONGRATS ON YOUR BABY BOY. Love the name. Sounds like you had a great "birthing experience"
    I remember with my second child, I did it all natural, thought I'd die at first, but recovered so fast afterwards, was up and around moments after....was REALLY worth it.
    and how nice that your sister could share this with you in the absence of hubby

    and funny how each new child ....changes things, your outlook, everything.
    enjoy Melinda

  7. Are you sure you weren't talking about my 5 year old daughter who wears her underwear backwards and puts her shoes on the wrong feet?


    Good luck with your 7 year old. Mine has lately taken to bursting into tears at least 3 times a day. It's GREAT.

  8. Oh. My. I ALWAYS have thought my toddlers heads look suddenly huge when I bring home the new baby! HAHAHA! Like they swell up while they're staying with grandma, and also, they gain roughly 67 pounds during those few days too. But the giant head! I don't really get over it until the baby is bigger so the comparison isn't so drastic. HAHAHAHA! I love that you think that.

  9. ha ha ha I loved this post! I love that you said its hard to look at him!!! Oh you kill me Melinda. Kate is so stubborn with potty training she knows she needs to go but if I say "why don't you go potty" she insist she doesn't frustrating. now i just put out a big bunch of undies... at this point i'm sick of being mad all the time. I mean this isn't going to last forever right?? :)

  10. I love this -- the negatives & positives. It's all about how we spin it, mmm?

    PS: I was totally convinced my 6 yr old son was retarded when he was a baby. I mean, his noggin was so Huge, it had it's own weather system. Srsly. But no, he's OK/normal. Whew.

  11. you know my feelings about the big head thing...

    it's great to let #2 child pick out her own clothes because sometimes it's good for a laugh, especially the backwards underwear, haha!

    tell oldest that you'll take a non-wiggly-loose tooth out every time she thinks she can throw a fit to get out of mom used to tell me stuff like that:>

    okay, not so funny a comment...i'm tired...poo.

  12. I no longer feel bad for asking my husband if he thought our 2 year old might be "that really handsome but kinda..ya know...well..atleast he's really handsome?!" kid.
    I mean, it has to be someones kid....


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