Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just A Suggestion

Dear Costco,

Although I really do enjoy your humongous vats of mayonnaise and chocolate muffins the size of flippin' softballs, I do have a few complaints. Why the crap do you have milk in square jugs? I know hypothetically it sounds like a space saver, but realistically all it does is make milk spill everywhere. They are ridiculously hard to pour from. Fix that please. Also, why the crap does it matter if people walk in the exit, or walk out the entrance? They are two feet from each other, does it REALLY matter? If someone's coming in to use the bathroom, do you REALLY need to have them go back OUT the exit, walk two feet around the brick column and back through the entrance? Its really annoying. Like I want to rip someone's head off, so annoying. One last thing, keep those samples coming...

The Complainer


  1. This is why I'm glad I don't have a Costco memebrship.

  2. ...and seriously does it MATTER if I show my card as I'm walking in? I can't pay without it, so what's the BIG FREAKING DEAL?!

    PS I heart your chicken bakes.

  3. Aahhhh, now we both feel better! At least at Costco they put your stuff in boxes. At Sams Club they throw it back in the cart! I will drink one for you!

  4. I have a membership to Costco, but rarely go there on account of I buy a lot of crap.

    However, I do enjoy my old lady friends in their hairnets, holding scissors to cut up a burrito.

  5. We don't have square milk :( I've been waiting for square milk...I suppose I'd better lower my expectations! Mostly I buy milk at Sam's since you don't have to buy 2 - I only have 1 milk drinker.

  6. Here's a Costco tip. I have learned from a very reliable source that you may take all the samples that you want, and the scissor wielding senior citizens working the sample tables can't stop you.
    You're welcome.

  7. Dear Complainer of Costco,
    I've never experienced square milk, it sounds fancy and futuristic. However, thanks for the heads up. I'll try not to be dazzled when I see it show up in the store and remember that it really just sucks.

  8. The idea of the "Entrance" and "Exit" doors have always troubled. Why can't a big door be a simpler solution? And I hate it when people give stares while doing the opposite thing. Though, I still exit from the Entrance door... LOL

    BTW, I don't have a Costco membership. And looks like, having one can be dangerous...:)


  9. Square Milk really DOES SUCK!!!

    You can't pour it worth beans. and it only comes in singles and it really isn't cheaper.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only who has to deal with it.

    i'm going to use your "muffins the size of flippin softballs" quote somehow today. it made me laugh out loud!

  10. Heehee! I was a member, but now that I'm in a 400-square-foot condo, I realized that I didn't have anywhere to keep the loads of crap I got super-cheap from there. So I had to let go of said membership. Sometimes, when I think of all the good times we shared together, Costco, I get a little weepy inside.

    So true about the entrance/exit thing. Never bought milk from there, so you're on your own with that one.


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