Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Story: The Pet Shop

I was very much inspired by Cheeseboy's post about the story one of his 1st graders wrote. My oldest is in first grade and I thought, you know what? I'll ask her to just tell me a story and I'll type it up. Word. For. Word. Which I did. Now before you read her story, you have to prepare yourself. You can't just read the story, you have to read it like she told it. Which is dramatically. Here's what you should do. You should read it out loud, and read it like a little kid were sitting in front of you. You know, talk in a different voice, use inflections, that kind of thing. Because honest to goodness, thats just how she told me this story. Hope you enjoy:

Let me tell you a real story. I just made it up.

How about the one where my family is the cookies family.

Noooo, not the cookie one, I'm just thinkin'.

We had a dog and I gave my other alphabet soup to the dog and the dog ate it but it didn't go down to her stomach it went...into...her...brain. (dramatic pausing)

So then the dog started talking, and started to eat some candy and then another day we went to the zoo.

Wait erase that, erase that, I made a mistake.

We went to the pet store and we got a pet camel and I gave the camel the alphabet soup and it started talking --just like the dog. And then it started eating...crickets!! And bugs and butterflies and spiders. Except it didn't eat butterflies.

Then we went to the pet shop and saw a cute little bunny. I gave it the alphabet soup and then it started eating and jumped on my head and started eating my hair because it thought it was grass!! (At this point my four old BURSTS out laughing--like hysterically--she thought that was the funniest thing she ever heard!)

Then it started pinching my nose and eating my glasses and then it started eating Sam's diapers---HEEEHEHEHEHEHE!! This story's funny huh mom?!

And THEN it was Halloween, I dressed up like a can--wait! erase that, go back, I messed up, I didn't dress up like a can! And then one day we went back to the pet shop again and we saw a great elephant that was loving and nice and we wanted to get it and it wouldn't let us go with its trunk because it liked us so much, so we had to buy it. It was one dollar.

It started to eat Madelyn's clothes and then it started to suck her head in. And then we went to the pet shop again. Then we saw a cute little lion, but it was vicious, but it acted nice! But it wanted to eat people. Then when we brought it home, Maddie was going to give it a hug but it bit her head off. Then it bit her whole body off! Then it started to eat our chair!

Then I bought a little baby bear. It was also vicious. But then it started to lick us, started to be kind of fun and cute and then one day it got mad at the kitty cat and bit its head off. Then we bought a cute little baby dog and took all the animals home and got them their own homes. Then...it ended. The end.

There you go people, a story about...the pet shop? Animals? How much my daughter wants a pet? I'm not really sure but she thought it was hilarious and asked if I could print it out so she could give it to her teacher. What do you think Cheeseboy, would you like to receive this as an end of school year present?


  1. Lions don't seem to make very good pets!

  2. Hahahahahahahaha, I could picture her telling this story the whole time! By the way...I want an elephant for one dollar

  3. You didn't ask me, possibly because we had never heard of each other before now, but I would like to get this as an end of the year present. And then I would ask her to write it out with correct capitalization and ending punctuation. :) I am not sure if many of my first graders could come up with something as creative. Now my dog... she's got quite the imagination!

    P.S. I love the world record idea!

  4. Wow, so many dramatic elements! So much going on! This could be the next big Disney movie. All we need is a cute sidekick and a couple catchy songs.

    I loved how she kept correcting herself like she was going down the wrong road and then the road she chose was even stranger.

    Glad I could inspire you. We should make this a regular feature.

  5. OK, I did ---read it like a kid. I could HEAR her telling it. I laughed.
    quick, erase that
    I meant I really laughed

  6. Hahahahaha!!! I'm SOOO doing this with my kids this week. Look for me to post it!

  7. Thats so cute! and I loved that kids always put in Potty Humor! ate sams diaper.

    ha ha I also loved the part where she would be all "erase it"

  8. Wow. So much happened in that story. I was reading this out loud and changing voices. I was at the Bunnies eating the hair part when my brother dropped by my room to make sure everything was alright!

    Cute post...:)

  9. If I had a dime for every time I mixed up hair and grass...

    She is so DARLING! I want to meet her!


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