Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Its Raining, Its Pouring...Showers

As I sit here considering taking a shower I think, "Showers are complicated."

You wouldn't think they're that complicated, that you just get in and wash up and get out, but NO, they ARE complicated.

When I was a teenager I used to lay on the bath floor and just sleep for awhile, while the shower washed down, it was so nice. I took long showers then.

Taking showers as a mom is different, there's usually a little kid that wants to accompany you, so you spend most the time trying not to step on them as they play with a Barbie or something at your feet.

Taking showers PREGNANT, even worse. I get so tired standing there, I've resorted to using a stool. Yes, I sit on a stool when I shower. The biggest problem with this, is I don't want to ever get up, I want to go back to being a teenager and just sleep in there. Except then my 2 year old wants to get in too and fights me over usage of the stool. Its quite annoying!

I also have hot water issues. I cannot leave the water alone! I can't just turn it on hot and be happy, NO! I probably adjust the water 15-20 times in the 10 minutes I'm in there. Just a little hotter...oohhh, thats a little too hot! Ouch! Okay, down a little...nope, thats not hot enough. Its stupid but I think I'm a little OCD about it.

So you see my problem, showers are complicated.

What simple things in your life do you make complicated?

p.s. I like to get out of the shower and step on the mat and leave two perfect footprints on there. I don't know why it just makes me happy.


  1. I would probably fall asleep too!

  2. 1. I TOTALLY adjust my water temperature! By the time I get out it's scalding...just the way I like it! It keeps everyone, including unwanted spouses...OUT.

    2. I create my own chaos ALL THE TIME. Like getting somewhere on time. Maybe, maybe...if I would get off the computer and get everyone ready instead of yelling over my shoulder to get shoes and jackets on, we'd be in the car on time and stop being late to EVERYTHING.

    3. I hate late people. The fact that I've become one makes me more mad than you can POSSIBLY imagine.

    4. I love to craft but having no place to do it drives me insane. So instead I spread out on the coffee table and leave it there for days on end, which make my HUSBAND insane.

    I'm rambling. What did you ask again?

  3. You are blogging in the shower? That is some dedication. I've never blogged in the shower, but I have blogged on the toilet. Did I just type that out loud?

  4. Oh, I hate taking showers. Something about having to get all wet. Then dry off (of course, my hair takes hours to dry). Then put lotion on my over dry skin. Then find clean clothes to put on. much hassle! I hate it.

  5. DUDE- we ARE twins. I was totally a teenage shower sleeper. And truly there was a time when I fell super super asleep laying in the bottom of the tub with the shower running, and I turned to my side, but then my hip to my knee created a dam in the tub, and then the water started to fill up at the shallow end of the tub, and then I didn't notice until I started to gag and sputter because I was trying to breath in a pool of water.

    And ALSO showering pregnant SUCKS. The shower itself is never peaceful enough, and then I'm so exhausted after my shower that I lay down on my bed in my robe with a towel wrapped on my head and then I just can't get up. And then my hair is in the towel so long that it takes twice as long to do it later because of all the weird swirls and towel kinks. Just such a hassle.

  6. That is too funny ---the wet footprint thing. Take a photo of it and post it. Hilarious. Whatever it takes to make us happy eh.
    Showers.....I love showers...not baths. All my "parts" never get covered in the bath. and I have to keep adjusting the water temp too.

    BUT, I never thought of it as complicated---but I see YOUR point.
    Getting into bed is complicated for me.
    First I have to like fluff the pillow till it is just right.
    then I have to make sure all the sheets and blankets are smooth.
    then the window has to be open "just enough" for the RIGHT amount of air to come through.
    Then when I get up to go potty, it starts all over again...fluff the pillow....straighten the sheets....check the window


  7. Okay so I love hot hot hot showers. I turn it up all the way full blast right from the get go and it only lasts like 10 minutes :( I really want a stool in my shower because I hate shaving my legs standing up and I hate having to get in the tub to shave because then I get nasty ring o hair to scrub off the sides of the tub.


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