Friday, April 9, 2010

Crying Wolf!

My son calls "wolf" all the time. Except instead of "wolf" he says "poopy! poopy!"

I'm not kidding, EVERY time this kid pees in his diaper, he gets this look on his face and starts whining "poopy! poopy!" Its so bad that he seriously does it when he's asleep. He'll wake up crying and mumbling "poopy! poopy!"

It makes me crazy. Because he's not even poopy! Hello?!

And when he IS actually poopy, he goes and hides and won't come out and runs away from me. I would say its time to potty train him, except he can't pull down his pants yet, and thats sort of a problem you know, for going on the toilet. Plus, I told my husband that its his job to potty train the boys since they have matching parts (more likely because I HATE POTTY TRAINING) and since my husband won't be back until June, I guess potty training won't start until after then.

Until then I guess I'll have to deal with the "poopy! poopy!" whining. That or I'll just duct tape his mouth or something.


  1. I would be glad for the warning - Ha ha but I could see how it could get a little old!

    Hang in there :D

  2. Yeah, I get that too with Sprout. She's such a little liar.

  3. This is funny because I do the exact same thing to my wife.

  4. Try duct taping ---some other parts.

    Potty training is NO fun at all. And of course dad should potty train the BOYS. You don't want him peeing like a girl.

    and that comment from Cheeseboy was hysterical

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  6. fart, cause I said it twice, computer malfunctions, or maybe it is just ME
    poopy poopy

  7. Dads have to potty train boys?!?!? What the crap have I been doing training my first three boys????? Why was I not informed sooner? Well, Dad WILL be training the fourth boy cause I hate hate hate doing it.


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