Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smelly Pits

I got this new deodorant. I like a certain smell from Dove, but they didn't have that scent in the two pack so I got a different kind I thought would be fine. Dude. This stuff is STRONG. I feel like every time I move my arms I'm catching a punch to the face of flowery freshness. Yikes.

Remember when you were a teenager and the stupidest things you would find hilarious? Yeah, I had a friend where we thought the word 'deodorant' was the funniest thing we'd ever heard. You'd think we were drunk or high or something, but no. "Deodorant" HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE!! Then the word morphed into "deodrorent" and somehow that was EVEN MORE FUNNY! Wheee!

Teenagers are dumb.

I think its funny that I was totally a hyper, obnoxious, dumb and super silly teenager and those are mostly the teenagers that bug me the worst. Hmmm, whats that say about me? I don't know and oh well.

p.s. I've been reading CJane's birth story, and I feel this impending climax that I'm going to go into labor as soon as she gets to that part of the story, do you think it'll happen?! Nah, me neither.


  1. It just smells extra strong to you b/c you are about to give birth. Did you hear me???!?!? You are ABOUT to GIVE BIRTH. So I have commanded--be obedient! Hugs!

  2. My midwife told me to drink Raspberry leaf tea to induce labor. I think they have it at health food stores.

    My dear, I'm praying for you!

  3. CRAp! Have YOU NOT had that baby yet???
    I am getting worried that you have now turned to **sniffing** deoderant!

    Please baby come soon for your mama's sake and her sanity - for the love of all that is Holy!!

  4. Sniffing deodorant only works with the spray kind. Are you going to blog from your hospital bed? While you are having contractions?! That would be so awesome. You would be a blogging legend. (Not that you aren't already.)

  5. Seriously I say a million prayers a day for you... I know a lot of people are... I hope you feel them :)

    i mean have that baby already... you look like you are due any second ;)

  6. I'm having serious deororent issues myself. I hate them all, they all stink to me. Or rather, I think they all stink ON me.

    I see no solutions in the near future. What is this magical Dove deodrorent that you seem to like? I'll try anything...

  7. It is a risky game changing deoderent, at least it doesn't make you smell like super strong B.O. like some I have bought.
    Cry like a baby in your doctors office, that worked for me on my last one when I was 3 days over due and psycho! Good thing too, because I ended up having an emergency c-cection because the cord was wrapped around his neck! I am rooting for you.

  8. Melinda, guess what? You had your baby last week! I'm so very very excited. I was just missing your blog rants, so I stopped by to leave you a message (not that I haven't already left messages on facebook and emails and texts... I'm not stalking you, I promise.... Okay, I am.)


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